Ramadan Daily Dose: The Qur’an and Your Child’s Academic Studies

Published: 7 April 2023

Day 16


By Shofi Ahmed 


Golden Section In The Opening of the Qur’an

We have explored a scientific aspect of Surah Fathiha, but there is also a profound artistic dimension to the opening chapter of the Qur’an. Its sublime and magnificent composition contains the golden proportion, representing the path of balance that is sought after.


For a simple understanding of the golden section or proportion, we can consider a design within a frame. To be precisely on the golden section, the design must have a ratio of exactly 1.618 when measured vertically, horizontally, or diagonally inside the frame. This results in a premium aesthetic that catches the maximum number of eyeballs.


In Surah Fathiha, Allah SWT has composed a balanced path with a golden proportion design that is infinitely fluid. This design not only provides an aesthetically pleasing experience but also enables readers to integrate into its fine flow repeatedly, without feeling the usual tediousness associated with repetitive patterns.


The golden proportion can be widely found in nature, in the proportions of many living organisms, such as the spiral patterns of shells and the arrangement of leaves on a stem. It aims to create a sense of harmony and balance. Similarly, the path of balance, or Siratum Mustaqim, is embedded in Surah Fathiha, resulting in a forever fluid and harmonious composition.


The loop in Surah Fathiha is an ongoing and ever-repeating fluid flow that blends seamlessly with the golden section. This loop is a symbol of the eternal nature of Allah SWT’s creation and is a testament to His infinite power. Layered in the golden proportion and sitting amidst the ever-fluid middle ground of Surah Fathiha, it not only pleases aesthetically but is also designed holistically for believers. Bearing fruits that are both eloquent and profound, it elevates the reader’s spiritual experience.


As Muslims, we repeatedly recite Surah Fathiha in our obligatory prayers, hoping to connect with the ongoing path of Sirat Al-Mustaqim. This path is the straight path or the path of balance that leads us to a finer reality and closer to the eternal truth. It is a path that cuts through the darkness and continues to infinity towards the source and origin of creation.


At the centre of the golden section of Surah Fathiha lies the concept of Sirat Al-Mustaqim. This path is the chosen path tread by those whom Allah SWT favours. The lead Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the best example of someone who walked the straight path and achieved success in this life and the hereafter. Following in his footsteps, we strive to remain steadfast on this path, knowing that Allah SWT knows best and is with those who are guided.