Ramadan Daily Dose: The Qur’an and Your Child’s Academic Studies

Published: 16 April 2023

Day 24


By Shofi Ahmed 


Qur’an The Book Of Laylatul Qadr

The Qur’an is an endlessly rewarding book to read. Beautiful recitation of its verses is a heartwarming skill to possess, and studying it in depth is immensely fulfilling. However, it is essential to practise its teachings in everyday life. The Qur’an is infinite and cannot be fully grasped within the confines of Madrashas or universities. It is a book of life that lasts forever, evident in its revelation on Laylatul Qadr, the Night of Power.


Allah SWT has described this night in His book, the Quranul Hakeem, as full of blessed knowledge that is not equal to, but greater than, a thousand months. It is transcendent and beyond our mathematical understanding, yet it is full of blessings for our counting of time and continuous search for it.


Consider this proposition. Circling around the phenomenon of Siratum Mustaqim repeatedly is not because the path has been missed, but rather to strive towards a tangent of the ever-fluid golden thread of Siratum Mustaqim, the balanced path. Without skipping the endless lines of unfolding new layers of tangible Siratum Mustaqim amidst the boundless expanse.


What does this proposition mean to you if you are a Mufti? For a scientist, it holds meaning as it talks about alignment to a numerically perfect path amidst the complexities of the world. Poetically, it’s impressive as it expresses the epic beauty of the path in an eloquent manner.


Let me explain, the proposition presented in this statement is that the Siratum Mustaqim, or the balanced path, is not a linear path that has been missed or overlooked but rather a path that is infinitely fluid and constantly unfolding. The statement suggests that the pursuit of this path requires continuous effort and the ability to navigate through the many layers and complexities that exist within it.


For a scientist, the proposition holds meaning as it suggests the alignment to a numerically perfect path, perhaps referring to the golden ratio or other mathematical concepts. From a poetic perspective, the statement is impressive as it speaks of the eloquent expression of epic beauty in the pursuit of the Siratum Mustaqim. The use of the metaphor of the golden thread further emphasises the idea of a path that is both intricate and valuable, and the continuous unfolding of new layers adds to its depth and richness.


A connotation of the Qur’an that this proposition holds may not have been taught in Madrashas, but it undoubtedly exists. In truth, there are countless more meanings and interpretations embedded in the Qur’an, like Ulamas, that are yet to be discovered by scientists and scholars.