Embracing True Intentions: The Key to Community Narratives

Published: 19 August 2023

Friday Post 27


By Shofi Ahmed


In a society where awards and recognition are bestowed to people for their voluntary efforts, it is not uncommon to find recipients who may lack genuine intentions behind their actions. Unfortunately, we can see that’s rife in our British Bangladeshi community too. What’s more, it is an irony that, without the inclusion of such individuals, our awards ceremonies or books celebrating community efforts may not be completed. So, how can we navigate this dilemma and ensure that our community narrative remains authentic and impactful?

One approach that holds great wisdom is to embrace the teachings of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) entirely. He emphasised the significance of intentions, stating that intentions are the most important aspect of our actions. However, if we were to solely focus on the intentions behind our social activities, we might find ourselves falling short in giving awards or authoring a book that genuinely celebrates our deeds. We might lack intentions that seek the pleasure and satisfaction of Allah (SWT).


Though only Allah (SWT) truly comprehends the full depths of this concept what satisfies Him. What we can deduce is the importance of fairness. Undertaking actions for the sake of righteousness and the betterment of society, rather than being driven solely by self-interest, fame, or fortune. It widens our scopes to be universal that aligns with Islam as Allah SWT has the widest scope, inclusive governance. He is Rabbil Alamin, the Lord of the worlds. In Shaa Allah we will explore more on it in other articles.


I have often emphasised to many activists the need to examine our motives. In our pursuits of finance, academics, organisations, party politics, and professional aspirations, we often act with self-serving intentions. However, when we engage in actions for the sake of others, for our faith, and for the betterment of our community, even if on a smaller scale, let us ensure the purity of our intentions. It is then that we witness the magic unfolding; Allah (SWT) pours His mercy upon such endeavours.


Self interest eventually lets people fall apart. It can be seen in our community. While it’s not specific to any one community in Britain. Boosting fairness to our careness for our community will witness a larger participation of our educated, new British-Bangladeshi generations. This is not merely an anecdotal observation, but has been substantiated by research. It reveals that our better-educated younger generations often distance themselves from community involvement due to various reasons.


To reverse this trend, prioritising authentic intentions and fair actions is needed. We can definitely improve on it as our first generation Brit-Bangladeshis indeed did. They were there for each other. Leaders like Ayub Ali Master, Mimbor Ali are examples. We too can rekindle the connection between our learned new generations and the community. This connection is vital, as it will help us strengthen our community narrative and foster a sense of pride and unity.

In conclusion, as we recognise and celebrate voluntary efforts through awards and books, it’s necessary to ensure that genuine intentions remain at the core of our endeavours. Let us strive for goodness, fairness, seeking the pleasure of Allah (SWT) in all that we do. Through this path, we can celebrate our feats that truly reflect the values and aspirations of our community, inspiring future generations to become active participants in building a prosperous and harmonious society.