Fly To Allah SWT With The Fast Flying Ramadan (9)

Published: 24 March 2024

A pure intention and a sincere heart are prime and the basic requirements to understand the Qur’an. It’s quite well-known within the full Muslim circle. What’s perhaps not as well-known is what comes next to make progress in understanding the Qur’an and to further advance in discovering its endless meaning. That’s what we shall explore next, In Shaa Allah.

For that, let’s turn to Surah Ya-Sin. It’s perhaps the best-known long surah to us Muslims. It perfectly sets the ground for us to get a clear picture of the understandable Qur’an resting on its transcended backdrop.


It starts with “Ya-Sin.” The meaning is unknown and it cannot be cracked, as it’s in the category of Muqatta’at, the forever unknown set of words in the Qur’an. These constitute the transcended nature of the Qur’an, which Allah SWT knows best.


The opening of Surah Ya-Sin with the letters “Ya-Sin” indeed delves into the mystical and transcendent aspects of the Qur’an. These letters are among the Muqatta’at, or the disjointed letters that appear at the beginning of some surahs in the Qur’an. The exact meaning of these letters remains a matter of divine knowledge, known only to Allah SWT, emphasising the Qur’an’s depth and the limitations of human understanding. This acknowledgment sets a foundation for approaching the Qur’an with humility and openness to its divine wisdom.


After “Ya-Sin,” the verse that comes next might give an idea of its unexplored foundation. Let’s look at it closer In Shaa Allah. So that we might get clues from the Qur’an itself to better understand it.