Why Rozina Islam Deserves British-Bangladeshi Supports?

Published: 21 May 2021, 12:56 AM
By Shofi Ahmed:
Not into Bangladeshi politics, steer clear of it. It seems many of us British Bangladeshis have adopted this norm. There are good reasons for it. No one needs to know rocket science to figure out what these are. We know that. However as Bangladesh is our motherland it’s often an eyesore political landscape sometimes deserves our attention. How does Rozina Islam a recent victim journalist in Bangladesh fits into this grid, deserving supports from across the board not just journalists; let me explain.
Besides, there are moral reasons for our patriotic inputs. As it’s said, bad people are elected by good people. That’s true when good people do not vote. That paves the way for the beast to roar to power. We don’t want that to be the case in our beloved motherland Bangladesh. For that even at a minimum scale, we need to do something for the native land. Dish it out with sincerity for the country. When that can be done, even a small amount, for that to prosper any party politics can’t be a barrier.
What it means is work done motivated by the love of the country should not be limited to any one political party. Whether it’s the party one supports or the others. If the party is in the grey they will seek to rectify. And if the other party does good they will tend to compete rather than turning a blind eye. This is the norm of a good citizen of a developed country. More so, it manifests the foundation of a healthy prosperous country.
Maybe slowly but surely that’s our ideal target in Bangladesh. For that to happen we all can contribute whether you are in or not into politics. Thumb up for the good deed regardless of the political parties and denouncing the wrongs helps. For example, we can shed light whenever we can. This is very pragmatic for us as we live in one of the most advanced countries in the world. We can pick on a bunch of good things here and throw it in the way of Bangladesh. Freedom of media for instance is instrumental for the growth and peace of a country. We saw how fairly free BAME Covid-19 reports swam on British mainstream media.
Rozina Islam is another mainstream journalist in Bangladesh plucked up the courage to show the wider world such free press is possible in Bangladesh too. It’s massively beneficial for rapidly progressing Bangladesh which sees soaring economic development. It’s no longer an economic basket. Now it’s a rising star. It’s economic progress scored tons of western eyeballs that see a new super economy is in bloom. I wrote about it earlier. For this pump up of course consist of hard work from the government as well. They deserve a compliment. However, we are still in the early phase. And the growth that we all love to see: Bangladesh an economic powerhouse. It can’t be  achieved by treading one way only. It needs teamwork.
A team of the government, private sectors and the public all in one loop working for the country. For that one of the elements we need is whistle blowers. Free media simply because we all can make mistakes. But only a few of us can rectify it for the betterment of all.
So speaking in simple terms, cutting a long story short. Surely the Bangladesh government has big visions. For that we need free media as well. Looking at this bigger picture journalist like Rozina Islam. That work for a paper ‘Prothom Alo’ that would sing a hundred and one hymns for the government. She went further and found her best foot picking up her investigative pen actually is not an enemy but a friend of the government.