The Qur’an Is Secure and Modern For Digital Era (3)

Published: 28 April 2022, 1:27 AM

By Shofi Ahmed

The narrative as we have read so far is that the Qur’an is Allah SWT’s knowledge. It’s secure. If Allah SWT wishes so one can pile on attaining the knowledge of the Qur’an and can never finish learning. Otherwise no creature can gain knowledge of it other than that He reveals to be known. What’s known is what’s revealed; it cannot be known in the slightest what’s left or what’s not left. Allah knows best.


The Quran is the word of Allah SWT that is the true scripture. There is no way around to hack into it by any technical or intellectual skills or tools other than that Allah SWT has designed.

Reading through previous parts we have seen the Qur’an is constant and changeless staying ahead of the curve in the time cycle all the time. We are living in the digital era. Technically it’s much more advanced compared to the past where there were no mobile phones, satellites let alone a sky TV. But by no means this is the most cutting edge high tech edge that could ever be. Our scientific era keeps advancing as we speak.


The Qur’an is secure a reason being it’s changeless over the full time cycle. People in each era only occupy an arc of the time cycle. In our technologically fast progressing or any upcoming much advanced hi-tech era. By some cutting edge phenomenal scientific miracle. If we happen to construct a full circle on the cosmic plane. And through computing the geometry of it we discover the full time cycle. Would we be in a position then to discover the 360-degree view of the secure Quran?


I put a notion around and asked this question to Ulamas. While one Ulama said we need a lot of research to answer this question, the chief Imam of East London Mosque Sheikh Abdul Qayyium said, ‘very high scientific thought’.


Alhamdulillah, the proposition is on a high level of science indeed. But what’s the answer and how can we find it? I have raised this question for a reason. I would like to demonstrate something that is beneficial for us. Especially those of our religious activists who are of the view that learn Qur’an and Hadis and that’s ed. Try answering this question. It’s very likely that answering it would be difficult for you. Why?


Answer is simple. The Qur’an and Hadis indeed wrap it all. Allah SWT said ‘the Qur’anil hakim’. It’s the premiere source of all knowledge and the Hadis is its best explanation. To learn it best therefore it’s best to be well versed in varieties of knowledge as well. For example, Imam Gazzali was a top notch ace in marifa, sharia, science, philosophy and literature.


In other words the Qur’an is the one stop platform encompassing all the variety branches of knowledge. We cannot simply map it with Fiqh, science, literature or any other art or discipline. It’s the beginning and the climax of all knowledge combined.

In Shaa Allah we will see the answer next.