GBS Marks Launch of New Enterprise Hub in Birmingham

Published: 20 October 2023
Global Banking School (GBS) has hosted an event in Norfolk House, Birmingham to mark the launch of the Enterprise Hub, an exciting new space designed to give students at GBS the platform to bring their business ideas to life. The chief guest for the launch event was the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Chaman Lal. There were several other key people present, including the Chief Executive Officer of GEDU, Dr. Vishwajeet Rana and Prof. Ray Lloyd, Deputy Chief Executive of GEDU. This event showcased the capabilities of the Enterprise Hub as an initiative, helping students realise their entrepreneurial potential, while also creating new solutions that can boost local economies.

The Enterprise Hub provides an outstanding modern workspace where student entrepreneurs can explore the potential of their new ventures, in an environment designed to encourage collaboration.

The event began with a warm welcome reception, where people were able to network and build new relationships. Guests at the event heard from members of senior leadership during a keynote address, where they learned more about the vision and goals of the GBS Enterprise Hub. This was followed by a tour of the Enterprise Hub where guests were able to explore facilities, workspaces and discover plans for the future.

The Student Entrepreneur Panel provided guests with the chance to learn more about how the Enterprise Hub will be used, along with more details on future business ambitions. The event concluded with a reception, where guests while enjoying a great selection of food and drinks were able to network and share ideas.

Dr. Rana, Chief Executive Officer of GEDU, said: “It is a great pleasure to be in Birmingham to launch this hub in line with the GBS values that Professor Lloyd created, and also investing £1 million pounds into the futures of our incredible and talented students – this is what GBS is all about. They are innovators and survivors, hearing from our students today, you will know just how entrepreneurial they truly are. We are so looking forward to watching them over creating jobs across the country.”

Prof Lloyd, Deputy Chief Executive of GEDU, said: The entrepreneurial spirit is central to the character of GBS. Just as importantly, our students see developing their own business as key to supporting and developing themselves, their families and their communities. This new enterprise hub represents an important development in our efforts to support our students in achieving their aims. Students will not only be able to receive practical support as they continue on their entrepreneurial journey but will also receive financial support at key points in that journey. This hub in Birmingham is the first established by GBS and we will use this to learn and improve before opening similar hubs at our other UK campuses in London, Leeds and Manchester.”

Annabel Ola, Senior Entrepreneurship Officer at GBS, who helped realise the operational aspects of the Enterprise Hub said: “It is an exciting time to have joined the Entrepreneurship Team at GBS, and it is an honour for me to support our fantastic students in their journeys starting and growing their businesses. I’m immensely proud of the teamwork and dedication that went into bringing the Enterprise Hub to life and launching it today.”

The Enterprise Hub is now open in Birmingham, UK and accepting applications from student entrepreneurs.