Lockdown humanity and sense of humanity

Published: 12 July 2021, 7:22 AM

।। Mir Abdul Alim ।।

What is a modern youth from Rupganj near the capital saying! “I don’t believe there is no corona” I was shocked to hear such words from the nephew of my village! In fact, many people in the village say that. So there are more people in the village now infected with Kovid from the city. Delta variants of the coronavirus have spread across the country in horrific forms. At present more than half of the corona patients undergoing treatment in different hospitals of the country are from rural areas. Most of the patients who come to the hospital are in critical condition. These patients are coming to the hospital only when the severity of the corona is very high. The infection rate in the whole country is about 30 percent. In some districts it has been found 100 percent. Which is really terrible!

There is an outcry for oxygen and ICU in the corona units of the hospitals as the pressure of Kovid patients is increasing in the country. The patient is dying in Corona Ward. The screams and ahazari of the patient’s relatives have made the environment of the hospital heavy. Health experts say the medical care situation for Corona patients will become more complicated if the infection is not reduced. Will become uncontrollable. Because of the rate at which corona infections are increasing, the development of covid medical systems is not possible. Even in this situation people are not being aware. The death toll has been above 100 for several days in a row. Two hundred touches. This has not been seen in the last 15 months since the beginning of Kovid. The country is going through a harder and more terrible time than ever before. The rate of identification of patients with coronavirus at the same time has never been higher. The coronavirus has not spread in such a way in the district towns outside Dhaka. Even some time ago, not so many corona patients were identified in rural areas.

In such a situation, the government has been forced to give a severe lockdown. Many are blaming the government for the lockdown. Some say the poor are being kicked in the stomach. The government has suffered more in the lockdown. The country is in economic turmoil. Everything came to a standstill. Apart from that, the loss of the people of the country is the loss of the government. It is true that working people who eat day in and day out in lockdown suffer more. They also need to overcome the food crisis. The government must be vigilant so that not a single person goes hungry during this epidemic crisis, not even a sick person dies without treatment. The rich people of the country also need to keep in mind that the government should ensure that people are not deprived of the welfare of humanity. But this will not be a bad time. As soon as the Aadhaar is cut off, let us say in a loud voice, we have overcome the epidemic in mutual brotherhood, in eternal humanity,In a humane sense of humanity. Those who can afford it should be by the side of helpless people and relatives. An example is what I have to draw here. That day I was going to Motijheel by rickshaw from home in case of emergency. The rickshaw puller is a little older. Not less than 80. Suddenly I saw the rickshaw parked next to me. He took 10 rupees out of his pocket to a sick old man lying on the street. In fact, we have to learn a lot from many. I also learned something from him that day. We can promise to stand by the helpless people in such difficult times like this rickshaw puller brother.I can promise to stand by the helpless people in time.I can promise to stand by the helpless people in time.

The government had no choice but to go for a severe lockdown in the variant of the current novel Corona. All-out resistance to save people’s lives. And that is why we have to ensure 100% success of lockdown. It has the responsibilities of the administration as well as the duties of every citizen. People are not aware even after the severe lockdown. Many do not use masks. Therefore, due to unconsciousness, Kovid has left the city and spread to the villages. We think the government needs to be tougher on lockdowns. Otherwise, at the rate at which the coronavirus is spreading, there will be no more treatment in hospitals. The situation in Bangladesh may be worse than in India. No matter how much people criticize, relaxation in lockdown is by no means desirable.

Only loose lockdown is practiced in our country. There is a lot of shouting in this country; Less work. Most of the countries in the world are having a new lockdown. In our country, there are food shops on the streets. Except in some parts of India, there is no other place like this in the world. The food hotel is getting crowded. There are rules to bring food from the food store in Lockdown, so this opportunity is crowded to bring food to the hotel. People are going to the tea party. It is not advisable for the government to keep food shops (hotels) open. Raw markets, grocery stores, medicines will be left open for a certain period of time and if the government does not go for strict lockdown, there will be much more damage. Some transportation for emergency work, limited rickshaws can run according to the rules. In such a situation, factories and garments should be kept closed. At least 15 days. It may not cause much damage. Experts believe that the situation of Kovid may improve after 15 days of severe lockdown. And the government should do the same.

It cannot be said that there is a severe lockdown in the country. The lockdown is going on a lot. There has been some work in this lockdown; Not the whole thing. The people of the country are showing ignorance of big responsibilities. Chats are taking place in the market, on the streets, in tea shops. Meetings and processions are also taking place somewhere. Our magazines have published news of weddings and even shootings. What a strange country we live in,People come out in groups on the streets to see what the lockdown is like. People still seem to be talking nonsense about the terrible coronavirus. In fact, it will not be like this, going to a strict lockdown and collecting more fines from those who break the law. If necessary, the money can be spent on the treatment of Corona patients. People will be aware if the punishment is increased. The people of neighboring India have also been humiliated and defeated. More than 4 lakh people have died in Corona. Three and a half crore people have been affected. The government has been tough in the dire situation. Unconscious people have been terrorized by mass beatings with fines. We should do the same in our country. Remember that there is no alternative but to be tough to save people’s lives. At the same time you have to be cruel. There is a matter of livelihood, we understand that it is also before the true human life. What will happen to livelihood if life is not lived? If the country goes into severe lockdown for 15 or more days as per the rules, the situation will improve. But all over the countryMust be brought under. The situation is likely to get worse around the upcoming Eid. The government has to take various steps in this regard now.

But so far the situation has not gone out of control. If this continues, the government will no longer have control. The number of corona patients will continue to increase if they go out of the house irresponsibly ignoring the lockdown and do not follow proper hygiene rules. In that case the situation may become critical. That’s why the big success of Loudoun is vital. People are leaving the house without a logical reason. Police surveillance revealed that there was more traffic in alleys than on major roads. Many people have been seen hanging out in the streets. This is alarming and frustrating. They don’t believe that there is Kovid-19. So the rules don’t mean that. Not after the mask. He wanders around in peace. They don’t care that the new Kovid is shaking the whole world, people are dying and being cleared. What is happening to us is happening because we do not follow the rules. People are being attacked every day, oxygen, ventilation,Not getting ICEO. Many people are dying without treatment.

People are blaming the government for the lockdown. What is the benefit of the government in the lockdown? Lockdown causes extreme damage to the country’s economy. If the lockdown continues, there will be uncertainty as to whether it will be able to recover. Still, the government has to think about the lockdown, thinking about people’s lives. In fact, the country is not locked even in lockdown. The ignorant people of the country are moving around without masks without following the lockdown. In this situation, there are questions about the success of the reason given the lockdown. If the number of Kovid attacks and deaths continues to rise even after the lockdown, the government may go into a longer lockdown, which will further damage the country and the people. People who eat more and more will suffer more. So everyone should follow the instructions of the government and follow all the health rules. But the government is following the rules of the World Health Organization. We should also obey this rule.

But the government also has some mistakes. It also has to pay compensation. It was necessary to go for a severe lockdown even earlier. If the country was run under strict restrictions, it would not have spread like this all over the country. Everyone needed to be forced to wear masks. The people of this country do not really want to follow the rules. They have to obey the rules. It was necessary to force them to follow the rules by beating them if necessary, which is what many countries are doing. The law cannot be enforced with one police force. There is a shortage of people in the police. Apart from that, the police have to be busy with other activities to maintain law and order. In this case, the joint forces need to be deployed. Of course, if there is an army in the field, they also have to give more responsibilities. They need to be instructed to be strict.

In fact, we are not careful. Hat Bazaar is also in full swing in Lockdown. Garments, mills and factories are jam-packed without following the rules. People on the streets, in mosques, in markets. Public gatherings are happening everywhere. People are not aware. People are rushing to the market to buy fresh vegetables, fish and meat. The tea shop hangout is also quite crowded. Gathering and donating, photo sessions are not closed. Blind man, closed conscience. I see in the newspapers that unemployed people are also found gambling in open monasteries somewhere. People seem to be more active than before. What is the meaning of law and order in this country? The law has to be obeyed. Many of those who are in charge of manab are comfortable at home. Kovida does not want to risk his life. Let’s not do all the hell in it. This condition.

There is no accountability in this country. When the government thinks of a lockdown or an emergency, it is important for the government to think about another issue. To force people to obey the law. The reader must remember Magistrate Rokon-u-Ddaula. He is very close to me. He also has family ties with her. There are many honest people in the government who have drawn his words in this article because of this. Not everyone in government is dishonest. It is certain that the result will be better if these honest people are kept under the responsibility of monitoring the districts or upazilas based on the area.

In fact, we think less. Everyone has to think. Lockdown is to save people’s lives. So the government has to think about the overall thinking of the people. Especially people who eat day by day. At this time they are in more trouble. I am talking about those who do politics. If you could write your name in the register of politics, you would earn a lot of money in this country. However, it does not apply to all political leaders. There are also many talented and honest, compassionate leaders. I am talking about those who earn money in this way. Please think of the people a little. The poor will suffer a lot in the lockdown. Many will not eat. Please donate something from their limitless treasures. The way people are being attacked and people are dying in Kovid had no choice but to give the government a lockdown. The government suffered the most in the lockdown. So help the government in the interest of the country. Stay by the side of the one who has as much companionship.

We are also crowding the mosques and places of worship. I am being careless. In Islam, however, we are clearly told to be careful about these diseases. If there is an epidemic in the Qur’an, it is said to be in its place. Other religions also warn of disease. If it is not necessary, it is better not to go out of the house for a few days for oneself, family and others. What else to do if needed! Remember, this problem will not last long. God will save us. Those who will be able to be careful for a while, will follow everything properly, they will be able to be much free from this danger. But we seem too careless. I never want to give importance to anything. I don’t want to accept anything. Will we be saved in this situation?

Corona is not showing mercy to anyone. The richest countries are in Korna. Advanced technology, research, corona vaccine, none of that is working. People are dying every day. We need to be more prepared. How ready are we? And how careful? Caution is very low. People do not want to listen. Doesn’t care about government rules. Not following hygiene rules. The corona virus will spread in a very terrible way. It will be difficult to handle. That is happening now. Coronavirus has infected people across the country and many doctors, nurses and health workers in various medical colleges and hospitals due to lack of precaution. People are dying every day. The number of people infected with coronavirus and death is increasing day by day. This condition has been created by providing health care in unprotected condition.

In this situation, there may not be good news ahead. Terrible days are coming. Countless people are joining the procession of victims and deaths. Doctors are most needed at this time. The government should pay attention to the concerned so that the doctors do not get infected while providing services. It is very important to keep them safe at this time. So save the doctors first. Patients can be saved if the doctor survives. There is a crisis of doctors in the country. In the last one and a half years, there has been a huge shortage of intern doctors. Medical colleges need to be kept active. If they had taken the test according to the rules, this deficit might not have happened. The government also has to think about this issue.

By the way, we have to fight against coronavirus. You have to fight with your mind to handle the situation. No more going around, no more people in one place, no more tea shops, no more shopping, no more gossip. An enemy called Corona has entered this country. Now the terrible Delta variant has entered the country. If everyone does not jump into the war of caution, we may lose this war. Come on, everyone be careful. There is no substitute for caution in any epidemic. Remember, the only way to protect yourself from the virus is to be careful.

Author: Mir Abdul Alim, journalist, columnist and social researcher.

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