Mozammel Hossain KC: A Historic Breakthrough for British Bangladeshis in Conservative Politics

Published: 15 June 2023

By Shofi Ahmed


The shortlisting of Barrister Mozammel Hossain KC as a Conservative Party candidate for the London mayoral election marks a historic milestone, positioning him as the first British Bangladeshi contender for this prominent role. Hossain’s inclusion signifies a significant breakthrough, not only for his personal aspirations but also for the broader British Bangladeshi community eager to contribute to the political landscape.

By breaking the ice and securing a place as a candidate, Barrister Mozammel Hossain has demonstrated that individuals from diverse backgrounds can aspire to prominent positions within the political sphere. His success paves the way for other British Bangladeshis to follow suit and actively engage in conservative politics.


Hossain’s achievement has sparked a wave of optimism and enthusiasm among British Bangladeshis, who see his shortlisting as an important step towards greater representation and participation in mainstream politics. Breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings, Hossain’s journey paves the way for others from similar backgrounds to step onto the forefront of the Tory political stage.

While his selection process continues, his presence on the shortlist itself demonstrates that the Conservative Party is actively seeking to diversify its candidate pool and create a more inclusive political landscape. By considering a wide array of backgrounds and experiences, the party acknowledges the power of representation and aims to incorporate a diverse range of voices into the decision-making processes.


Barrister Hossain’s journey to the UK began in 1995 when he made the move from Bangladesh. His story is one of determination and hard work, as he steadily established himself in his new home. As a criminal law barrister, Hossain achieved the prestigious appointment of Queen’s Counsel, a recognition of his expertise in the field.


He may not have a long history in London’s political landscape, his legal background and diverse experiences bring a fresh perspective to the table. His knowledge of the intricacies of the law and his analytical skills have garnered respect within legal circles, many of whom attest to his exceptional advocacy and dedication to justice.


The significance of his shortlisting goes beyond mere symbolism. It represents a tangible opportunity for British Bangladeshis to influence policy discussions, advocate for their communities’ interests, and shape the socio-political landscape of London. Hossain’s legal expertise, combined with his unique understanding of the challenges faced by many Londoners, positions him as a compelling voice for change.


However, the ultimate decision regarding Hossain’s candidacy lies in the hands of the Conservative Party. While his shortlisting is indeed a significant achievement, it remains to be seen whether he will secure the final selection. Regardless of the outcome, the fact that a British Bangladeshi has reached this stage is a testament to the party’s evolving commitment to diversity and inclusion.


As Hossain’s journey continues, the optimism and anticipation among London’s multicultural communities continue to grow. The representation of the capital’s diversity in the political sphere becomes increasingly crucial, allowing for meaningful dialogue and policy debates that reflect the diverse perspectives within London’s multicultural society.


The historic shortlisting of Mozammel Hossain KC for the Conservative Party’s mayoral candidacy raises aspirations among British Bangladeshis. It represents a positive step towards increased representation and diversity within the Conservative Party. While the challenges ahead are significant, his success thus far has opened the doors for future generations to engage actively in politics, fostering a more inclusive and representative democracy.