Trump coronavirus: US president is taking two experimental drugs – what are they?

Published: 3 October 2020

Posr Desk : The president is being given unapproved treatments still in trials to help him recover after contracting coronavirus.

Donald Trump is receiving remdesivir therapy at the Walter Reed Military Hospital

Donald Trump has been given two experimental drugs after testing positive for COVID-19.

White House doctor Sean Conley said the president was given a dose of an antibody drug being developed by Regeneron on Friday before he was taken to a military hospital where he has started remdesivir therapy.

The president appeared upbeat as he landed at the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Maryland on Friday evening despite developing fatigue symptoms and having trouble breathing, according to an adviser.

Sky News looks at what remdesivir and Regeneron’s drug do, and how effective they have been in trials.

A drug that once offered hope in the treatment of Ebola, remdesivir is an antiviral medicine that has not been approved anywhere in the world for any use.