US embassy starts accepting B1/B2 visa renewing applications

Published: 5 October 2020

Post Desk : US Embassy here has started to accept interview waiver visa application of B1/B2 categories to visit the USA for tourism, business and medical purposes.

“Individuals only with B1/B2 visas that have expired within the last 24 months may apply to renew their visas beginning this week, starting Sunday, October 4th,” US Embassy’s Consular Chief William Dowers told reporters at a virtual briefing today.

Deputy Consular Chief Kelley Irey was also present at the briefing.

“We can ‘not yet’ accept ‘new’ visa applications for any non-immigrant visa categories, including F1 (students) and F2 (spouses/children of students),” Dowers said.

Due to current pandemic situation, the Consular Chief said it is not possible to say now when the Embassy would be able to accept in-person interview based new visa applications.

The embassy continues to offer emergency visa services for applicants with ‘life or death emergencies’, he added.

Apart from interview-waiver applications for B1/B2 visas, such application for non-immigrant visa categories under C, C1/D, F, I, J, M, O, and Q categories are being received by the embassy.

The embassy is only accepting interview-waiver applications for continuing students who want to renew their student visas for the same field of study at the same institution.

The embassy is also accepting applications for continuing F2 spouses and their children under the age of 21 years.

Later in a press release, the US Embassy said eligibility for interview-waiver renewal of non-immigrant visas was extended to 24 months Due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the Embassy receives an application, the reviewing Consular Officer may determine that the applicant will require an in-person interview, it said adding that these applicants will have to schedule an interview when regular in-person, visa services resume.

“Until Embassy Dhaka’s regular visa services resume, the application fee (MRV) will remain valid and may be used to schedule an interview appointment there until December 31, 2021,” it said.

Mentioning that visa processing times could be as long as six weeks, the US embassy recommended to submit visa application well ahead of one’s proposed travel date.

The release suggested to visit – – to see if you qualify to submit an interview-waiver renewal for a non-immigrant visa category.

Qualified applicants need to log in and/or update their profile online at, and submit the application packet, after paying associated visa fees, at the designated offsite service provider –