Halifax house explosion: Three people injured in blas

Published: 5 December 2020

Post Desk : Three people have been taken to hospital after an explosion ripped through a house reducing it to smouldering rubble.

The blast happened shortly after 7.30am on Saturday in the Illingworth area of Halifax, West Yorkshire.

A picture shared by emergency teams at the scene showed the smoking remains of where the property had stood.

The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said the explosion affected one building, while six surrounding houses were evacuated as a safety precaution.

Everyone has been accounted for and investigations are continuing into the cause of the explosion.

With the fire now extinguished, firefighters have been making the area safe.

Crews are likely to be on the scene for some time, according to the service.

Engineers from utility firm Northern Gas Networks are also on site to ensure the area is safe and to help establish the cause of the incident.

Some in the area posted on social media about hearing the loud explosion.

One wrote: “Never heard such BANG it shook the promenade at Ogden.”

A fundraiser for those affected by the blast has been set up, with people offering to donate clothes and food to the family.