Vaccine Rollout: Science and Islamic Perspective

Published: 9 December 2020

By Shofi Ahmed: There have been few reasons to celebrate since Covid-19 hit humanity nine months ago. But the roll-out of the breakthrough vaccine was a rare cause for great joy yesterday, 8 December 2020.

Keenan, age 90, was the first person to receive the approved Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Not a vaccine given as part of a clinical trial, but a real, vetted vaccine. It happened in delightfully joyous Britain making a headline news across the globe.

Now that we have found a vaccine against the lethal disease coronavirus Covid-19. Can it be said we have nailed the beast to the ground. So to speak, science has won over a natural pandemic inflicted on mankind? Yes, we have good reasons to enjoy it.

The vaccine breakthrough, however, is a collective work. When Dr Uğur Şahin, the Muslim scientist whose dervish like typical austere beauty captured the eyes of the western world, was asked how he defines his world captivating discovery of the Covid-19 vaccine. He said, ‘It’s a relief, there are other people who have been working on it’. Indeed there are other people far and near, are associated with it.

The vaccine breakthrough weighs a total sum that constitutes contributions made in diverse forms. By very people of different walks and faiths. For instance pure prayers of tons of aching hearts that lost the very loved ones. Besides people that could not go to places of worship. And parents and children that could not meet each other.

For Muslims the pang of missing the Mosques, Umrah and Hajj is maybe invisible but those that bear it barely can express it in words. Allah SWT listen to the prayers of those helpless people. Consequently He tends to forgive and can postpone pending destruction on the ground beneath our feet.

There are good people on earth and they pray for the welfare of humanity. We all benefit from it. So does the world because it helps raise the bars on our planet earth’s good column. Result could be being pardoned leading to escaping from any pending destruction time and again.