Modern Poem Dubbed ‘A Real Masterpiece’ On The Mother Language Day Peeps Over 100K Views

Published: 23 June 2021

Bangla Post Desk:

The views on the modern poem on The International Mother Language Day makes a new milestone rising over one hundred thousands mark on, an international online poetry magazine. The poem On the Mother Language Day is written by British Bangladeshi polymath Shofi Ahmed.  It’s published in his book Zero and One. is a hub of poets from around the world. Shofi Ahmed is on the forefront. With millions of views on his poems he is a top-read poet on the site. The poem On the Mother Language Day is a best performing one. It has caught the eyeballs of tons of top poets who wrote tens of raving reviews. English poet Sara Brummer writes: ‘This poem is a real masterpiece. It carries an important message expressed in beautiful language. It deserves as wide an audience as possible.’ An American poet Jamie King writes: Oh my.. Your hunger to express is pure and untainted the words just flow. This is one of the most in-depth writings I’ve seen thus far. I’m jealous of this work. It’s a wonderful piece indeed.

It’s extraordinary!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the transitions throughout the poem, from the battle, to the beginning of a beautiful being such as a rose, to the feeling of heaven, and then to knowing that the original meaning of the poem (The mother) was heard!!! A truly inspiring write. AMAZING!!!!!!

Among the other commentators a Lebanese-American poet, Hussein Dekmak brunches in the league saying: Beautiful. You did write your poem about your country’s history, freedom, religion, nature, and hereafter with very eloquent words that had a great flow. It is a great piece of poetry. Congratulations.

‘I don’t think the International Mother Language Day, our most glittering achievement on the global stage, is a crown gained on a number game. As it’s said, Bangalees are the only people who spilled blood for our mother tongue. Situation dictates, other nations might have done it in the past. Who knows what a nation could do when it’s necessary to react. Besides, we gave blood for small and big things. What our kinsmen did is unique that day, they have demonstrated divine love for the Bangla mother tongue. The spirit lived on till the independent Bangladesh was found,’ said the author of the poem Shofi Ahmed.

Hello Poetry, which attracts millions of readers a month, features quality poems from poets across the world. The side is widespread and popular. People seek guidance on the question-and-answer site Quora to join in. The membership of the site is however by invitation only after submitting one’s written poems.

If you take a tour you can see tons of poems written on the site on American elections, Donald Trump etc that grabbed the attention of leading newspapers like the New Yorker. Nonetheless scroll down to the end of the page and you can hardly see any of these creative pieces bagging some thousands readers. For poetry, however, this is common. A top notch poem often gets several thousands views only while its reputation can reach out to tens of thousands of people.

For instance, Chol Chol Chol a poem by Bangladesh national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam is synonymous across Bangladesh. Nonetheless, the poem on the largest Bangla poetry site has been read just over several thousand times.

Some of the most talented writers from Asia, Europe, Africa and America from across the world pen their finest pieces on Hello Poetry. With a single poem however rarely few can raise their readership bar over some dozens of thousand mark. The modern poem on the great Bangla Mother Tongue Movement is towering with a flying colour floating well over the common height.

In 2017, an American theatre actress recited the poem and Channel S produced the show.

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