BFA dads n lads break PB in 5K, 10K & Half Marathon in Victoria Park

Published: 3 October 2021

On Saturday 2nd October, at the Run Through ( event in Victoria Park. More than 400 runners participated in this event. Boxer’s Fitness Academy (BFA) fielded athletes in all three categories 5K, 10K and Half Marathon.

Many prepared for weeks for this event so that they could target and exceed their personal best (PB) times. The main purpose of BFA was brotherhood and encouraging each other to bring out the best in their abilities. Also encouraging fathers and sons to join the running and enhance their bond and relationship. One example was father Azmol Hussain running the Half Marathon whilst his son Akram Hussain was participating in the 5K. “We trained together for this event. It furthered unity and compassion between us!” Said Azmol. “My dad is my role model!” Laughed Akram.
The organisation Run Through has various platforms across the country for runners. They attract runners from across the UK and beyond.
“Many of our participants only started running just after this Coronavirus pandemic and now have come a long way in taking up running and other fitness activities.” Mentioned Monir Ahmad, the lead organiser for the BFA. “Even now we have a couple people ready and running in the London Marathon. Brother Shahjahan Kadir is our veteran long distance runner, and we expect some of the brothers here to step up to that level now!” Add Monir.
The following participants completed the Half Marathon with a personal best (PB) times:
Moulana Bilal Abdullah (PB)
Shuhel Khan (PB)
Nazir Ali (PB)
Maruf Ahmad (PB)
Mohammed Azmol Hussain (PB)
Sanu Miah
Ben Perry (PB)
Abdul Quddus (PB)
Abul Tufail (PB)
Shahjahan Kadir
The following participants completed the 10K with PB times:
Johur Ali
Monir Ahmad
Fahim Ahmed
Jafor Rahman
Abdul Thahid
Nur Uddin
The following participants completed the 5K with PB times:
Mohammed Akram Hussain
Ahsan Ahmed
The best moment of this year’s event was seeing brother Shahjahan help our injured brother Moulana Bilal across the finishing line. “This sums up the whole essence of this brotherhood and companionship of BFA. Helping each other to achieve their best!” Highlighted Nazir. “He got stranded with cramps just before the finishing line and it was my duty to go and help him back up by massaging his seized up calf” Mentioned Shahjahan.
“It was very big for us all. We all did it. It was amazing to see how well our brothers did and how far we all have come. I just want to thank all the brothers for the support, encouragement and brotherhood. Special shout out to our brothers Monir, Ashraf and BFA leaders for bringing together this wonderful group. This is a very special group of brothers. I just want to say a very special thank you to our elder brother Shahjahan Kadir⁩ for helping me across the line.” Reminisced Moulana Bilal.
BFA have regular boxing, fitness and running sessions in Tower Hamlets and Barking. To get active, contact them via their social media