The inaugural Faith Inspire dads and lads running club was a major success!

Published: 7 November 2021

On Sunday 7th November, at Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, Faith Inspire launched their inaugural running club for dads and lads. The aim was to encourage local people to attend London’s most popular park and take up healthy activities such as jogging and running in the company of other like-minded people.

More than a dozen people participated, including children. The Chair of Faith Inspire, Junaid Ahmed was also in attendance. His opening few motivational words were “we welcome any initiatives that encourage people to attend and get fit and active.
We know that Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said that there are two blessings that many of us neglect; one is good health and the other is free time. And being fit and healthy makes us become more obedient to Allah and live a more productive life.”
Also in attendance was Sam Chowdury, who’s been in the British Army and now a personal health and fitness instructor for many years. Sam said “It’s a great initiative you’ve taken to get people together and you’ll see it will grow over time as long as there’s a group of people driving this forward on a regular basis.” He also added “Us parents need to give our children positive and healthy directions to avoid mental and physical illnesses affecting the children of this digital society”
Faith Inspire is a voluntary, not-for-profit Muslim organisation that engages in community outreach, promotes spiritual growth and actively contributes to society and has regular activities for the community