Nation Waits For The Number 10 Police Probe Report

Published: 29 January 2022

By Shofi Ahmed 

Halo, halo Bojo! Police knock on number 10. Nope no vandaliser or hacker broke into the computers at Downing Street. It is a criminal probe they might have to quiz cabinet ministers. Over allegations of breaching of laws where the law indeed is made. Now the nation is waiting for the report to come out.


If you are like me thinking about how strange shows the recent time had to show us. In quite an early phase of a new century. Covid-19, lockdowns, quarantines and ongoing series of variants. Our forebears for long have not seen these. Nonetheless, is pandemic the strange black swan of our time? When was the last time we, our elders, forebears saw cops quizzing the premiere at number 10?


The opposition leader could have a lot to criticise the government. What he has to complain about now is not something we often hear in the air. Sir Keir Starmer asks “how much damage are the prime minister and his cabinet prepared to do to save his skin? Does the prime minister really not understand the damage his behaviour is doing to our country?”


“We now have the shameful spectacle of the prime minister of the United Kingdom being subject to a police investigation – unable to lead the country, incapable of doing the right thing. And every day his cabinet fail to speak out, they become more and more complicit, said Starmer”


Boris Johnson, who was applauded by several of his backbenchers, reiterated his claim that Starmer was ignoring more pressing matters, and went on to brand him “a lawyer, not a leader.”


Starmer went on to describe the police probe into Downing Street booze partygate as a “shameful spectacle” – and called Mr Johnson’s record “utterly damning” amid the soaring costs of inflation and petrol.


But it’s a “no” to call for the prime minister to resign. Johnson turned onto his pandemic tackling portfolio page. He insisted that the Government had delivered on Brexit and delivered the fastest vaccine rollout in Europe, and insisted that they would deliver as planned to unite and level up across the whole of the UK. While the opinion polls show his personal ratings have plunged to depths not even plumbed by Theresa May at her lowest point. His allies tell friendly journalists that he will fight to stay in Number 10 to the bitter end.


William Wragg, a Tory committee chairman and a former supporter of the prime minister, who has heard charges that blackmail is being used against MPs suspected of wanting him gone. According to The Guardian, Mr Wragg reckons that it’s another scandal that has enough merit for police investigation. Westminster has always been associated with dark arts and dirty tricks, but intimidating MPs by threatening to cut off government funding for schools or hospitals in their constituencies takes things to a previously unvisited and atrocious level. That is the government by extortion racket.


There are suggestions for him to go now. That might earn him a bit of redemption with his party, and possibly even with some of the public, for eventually doing the decent thing. But some doubt he will tread on the decent path. Saying that anyone acquainted with his biography knows how unfamiliar he is with the concept of doing the decent thing. Putting the interests of others before his own is alien to a man who has always been governed entirely by his ambitions and appetites.


The picture is clear Johnson’s battle to save his skin has already turned vicious. How strange! It’s utterly opposed to the days not a long time ago when we would see fingers raised at a MP, Minister and before long he or she has gone. Has done the honourable thing. Has resigned.


Boris Johnson is clearly aware of the truth, history repeats itself. Truth prevails. When beauty is only skin deep, how thick can it go to hide it’s true colour? Then he knows the answer to that as well.