Buying Ramadan Dates – Buy Ethically, Protect Humanity

Published: 5 March 2023

By Shofi Ahmed

We all buy dates to break our fasting. It’s an essential food of the Ramadan. But are we mindful of its sources where these dates come from? Ramadan is a holy blessed month. No need to mention that with the very food we break our fasting it needs to be well sourced. For that we need to ensure that our Ramadan products are not linked to any unethical practices or human rights violations also.

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, the demand for dates increases dramatically. Many consumers, however, don’t realise that some dates come from sources with questionable ethics, forcing us to think carefully about the products we buy and stock. We must be mindful of where our dates come from and ensure we are not supporting any unethical practices. That’s very Islam friendly and humane. Because this can have positive consequences for the environment and can contribute to protecting people’s well-being.


That is why we need to be very conscious of the sources of dates, such as those from Israel, as they may be linked to human rights violations and unfair labour practices. It is our ethical responsibility to stock and purchase only ethical products, and by doing so we can help protect both people and the planet.

This Ramadan, let’s come together to make ethical choices when buying dates. We have an ethical responsibility to source products from suppliers who are committed to fair practices and protecting the planet and its people. As we break our fast with dates, let’s be mindful of their origins and make sure that our Ramadan celebrations are in line with Islamic values. Together, we can make a huge difference for humanity and move closer to a better future for all.


Avoid buying the following dates from Israel. A source with questionable ethics.



Carmel Agrexco


Desert Diamond


Jordan Plains

Jordan River

King Solomon

Paradise Dates


Red Sea

Royal Treasure