March Chill Was Acutely Forecasted But Is It Valid In Islam

Published: 9 March 2023

By Shofi Ahmed


It was freezing yesterday in London and across the country. We experienced it as it happened. Scientists however knew that they had forecasted it weeks ago. But weather prediction is not allowed in religion as religion forbids prediction. That’s to say man can’t predict anything. What will happen in the future only Allah SWT knows. It’s the teaching of Islam.

But the truth is weather forecasting doesn’t deviate from religion. We can combine religion and academics here. Let’s look at it closely so we can see the picture. It is in fact quite clear. Weather forecasting in fact doesn’t contradict religious teaching. Because weather forecasting actually is reading weather patterns. Not a prediction in essence. For example scientists have studied ice melting in the Antarctic and studied how it will affect the weather in London. Thus found how its effect will impact London weather making it cold. So essentially it’s reading of the weather dynamics.


Similar to common eyes. As when we see the sky is getting cloudy and getting darker. We can then conveniently say that it will rain. That’s very common, watching the clouds then telling the consequence that it will rain. That’s not considered a prediction. Scientist’s forecasting is a kind of similar reading. We can say that’s more in depth and accurate. So it’s not a prediction in essence. Therefore doesn’t contradict with religion.


Let’s analyse it a bit more. The weather forecast for Londont yesterday on 7th March 2023 was for an icy chill. We might say that this goes against the teachings of our religious faith. Because for weather forecasting, we may argue that it requires the prediction of events, something no mere human can do without offending the divine. Yet science is nothing more than an observation of patterns in the world around us.


By studying the melting ice of Antarctica’s glaciers, scientists were able to determine that it would bring a chill to London’s air. Just as it has been observed since time immemorial, the clouds will darken and suggest a coming storm. Weather forecasting is not so much about predicting the future, but reading the signs of what might come to pass. Yesterday’s weather forecast is nothing more than an advanced form of what we all do each day.

Rather than attempting to predict what the future holds, scientists study and analyse natural patterns, making sophisticated and accurate predictions about future weather events. By observing the subject matter and its dynamics, we can use this knowledge to make informed decisions – while only Allah SWT knows the real outcome.


To put it simply, weather forecasting is an advanced form of what we all do every day: observing patterns and predicting what might come to pass. It is not about predicting future events, but rather reading nature’s signs, something that no one can do without the guidance of Allah SWT.