Why Can’t A Computer Rewrite A Verse Of The Qur’an? (Continues)

Published: 11 March 2023

Friday Post 18


By Shofi Ahmed


As this article continues I tried to make it clearer that the Qur’an is much more than the source of Masla/Masael jurisprudence known as the Sharia. That seems to be the prime subject of our Ulamas religious scholars. However, we believe that it has the answer to our quest to find the meaning of life. Life is a constantly unfolding mystery, one that we can only hope to begin to understand by travelling through it. While laws help us shape behaviour and order our lives, they are unable to capture the fullness of an individual’s experience. It takes a book of law plus a book of life—a combination of rules, structure and understanding—to give us insight into its depth and beauty.


The Qur’an speaks to the complexity and continuity of human life, transcending typical legal terms with its inherent fairness and decency. Given that, life is so vast, meaningful and mysterious no law can encompass it. A book of law alone cannot fully encompass all things a human life.


For example people work to live but don’t live to work. Law is for fairness and the man is fair yet can be unfair. More so the man is much more than that. Fairness is a core virtue of human beings. Setting of the law, thus alone cannot underline the man in that’s entity. For the Qur’an to possess the meaning of life it possesses the versatility of humanity. More than that it points to the true source of majesty, mystery, complexity and continuity of yet new, modern undefined human life. Consequently it requires us to pursue the Qur’an with all of human abilities. Multi-talents, theology, science, philosophy, arts, literature etc. It’s the source of all diverse knowledge.


Nothing can be like it. No age, no modern era is as new as the Qur’an. But by knowing why our new advancement such as AI artificial intelligence can’t be as advanced, as modern as the Qur’an, we can know the Qur’an more. This is why new phenomena like contemporary digital advancement are not to be ignored. It can open a new door to the ever new Qur’an.


The Qur’an simply put is the source of incomprehensible majesty and mystery, a book that speaks to the complexity and continuity of human life. It is the source yet greater than any law or source of jurisprudence, setting a standard of fairness and decency that transcends legal terms. From the depths of its timelessness comes a call to discover its fullness with every human talent available.


New technological advancements like artificial intelligence cannot measure up to the timelessness and wisdom of the Qur’an. However by understanding the limitations of modern tech, we can learn more about the Qur’an, how it has been relevant throughout the ages, and how it may continue to speak to us in the future. Never letting its words fall on deaf and stale ears, the Qur’an remains ever new, ever vibrant and ever capable of illuminating our lives and challenging us in ways that no other book can.


Explain why AI technology is unable to spin a verse of Allah SWT. In Shaa Allah up next.