Ramadan Daily Dose: Qur’an and Your Child’s Academic Studies

Published: 27 March 2023

Day 4

By Shofi Ahmed 

Al-Fathiha’s Style

Al-Fathiha’s style is engaging and thought-provoking, making it an ideal introduction to the Quran. The language is simple yet beautiful, with a rhythm and flow that is pleasing to the ear. Each sentence builds on the previous one, creating a powerful sense of momentum and urgency.


The style is also rich in symbolism and metaphor, which allows for deeper levels of interpretation and understanding. For example, the phrase “Master of the Day of Judgment” can be interpreted as a reminder of our ultimate accountability to Allah SWT, as well as a recognition of His ultimate authority over all aspects of our lives.


The style of Al-Fathiha is designed to engage both the heart and the mind, inspiring both a deep sense of reverence and awe for Allah SWT, as well as a commitment to seeking His guidance and living according to His will. It is a testament to the Quran’s ability to combine academic wisdom with religion, presenting complex ideas in a way that is accessible and meaningful to all people, regardless of their background or education.


Furthermore, the style of Al-Fathiha speaks of a loving Creator who desires to bless us with His mercy and kindness. It conveys a message of hope, emphasising that Allah SWT is always willing to forgive and guide us on the right path. By taking its message to heart, we can open ourselves up to the possibilities of living a life filled with grace and love.


In brief, Al-Fathiha’s style is a testament to the beauty and power of the Quran. Its language, symbolism, and message combine to create a profound and transformative experience for readers. Through its teachings, we can deepen our relationship with Allah SWT and live a life that is in alignment with His will.