Ramadan Daily Dose: The Qur’an and Your Child’s Academic Studies

Published: 28 March 2023

Day 6

By Shofi Ahmed

Loop in Surah Fathiha and Computer Programming

And We have bestowed upon thee the Seven Oft-repeated (verses)

and the Grand Qur’an. Surah al-Hijr (The Valley of Stone) 15 : 87


The Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “The mother of the Qur’an is the seven oft-repeated (verses) and the great Qur’an.


And it is said that the word ‘oft-repeated’ is used because its recitation is repeated during the salaah.


There is a loop in Surah Fathiha. Not to mention it’s significant in terms of prayer as it allows for continuous recitation of the chapter during the prayer. This repetition serves as a reminder of the constant connection between the worshipper and the Divine, fostering a sense of spiritual connection and mindfulness.


The repetition of the Surah or chapter also serves as a form of meditation, allowing the worshipper to focus on the meaning and significance of the verses.

In the modern digital age, the concept of loops in computer programming and machine learning has revolutionised technology. Loops in computer programming enable repetitive tasks to be automated, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.


Similarly, the loop in Surah Fathiha represents a form of spiritual automation, allowing the worshipper to connect with the Divine and engage in continuous worship.


The loop in Surah Fathiha has profound spiritual and religious implications, as it serves as a reminder of the constant presence of the Divine in our lives. It encourages the believers to engage in continuous worship and fosters a sense of spiritual discipline and devotion.


The loop also serves as a form of unity, as Muslims all over the world recite the same verses during the daily prayers, regardless of our location or background.