Ramadan Daily Dose: The Qur’an and Your Child’s Academic Studies

Published: 6 April 2023

Day 15


By Shofi Ahmed 


Tawheed and Interconnectedness in Understanding Creation

Modern scientific studies continue to show that all living things on Earth are interconnected in ways that were not always understood. For example, studies of the food web show how each species, from smallest to largest, is dependent on all the other species around it. If even one species is removed from its environment, the entire system is disrupted, leading to negative consequences for all involved.


In addition, recent studies have found evidence of a global network of microbial life linking soil, oceans, and the atmosphere. This further highlights the way in which every component of our world is connected and reliant upon each other for survival.


Tawheed, the Oneness of Allah SWT, is a core part of Islamic theology. Besides forming religion, it provides a powerful philosophical framework to understand the complexities of modern scientific thought. Allah SWT is the ultimate source of knowledge and power, transcending the physical universe. From this perspective, scientific knowledge only represents a finite understanding of Allah’s infinite wisdom and power.


Therefore, it follows that the universe can be seen as composed of complex interrelated systems all expressing Allah’s Oneness in its various forms. The idea that God is One and indivisible allows us to comprehend how seemingly disparate concepts such as physics, mathematics, biology, and chemistry are related to each other.


It enables us to make sense of relationships between matter, energy, and consciousness which may otherwise seem unrelated or impenetrable. It presents a holistic picture rather than a fragmented one in which each discipline is viewed independently from one another. Instead, we gain an understanding that all disciplines are interconnected within the grand scheme of Divine Creation.


Believing in Tawheed when approaching any scientific field, we can draw on our strong belief in Allah SWT’s Oneness. With a different perspective compared to those who lack such faith-based worldviews, we can deduce more meaningful interpretations.