Ramadan Daily Dose: The Qur’an and Your Child’s Academic Studies

Published: 20 April 2023

Day 29


By Shofi Ahmed


Eternally Siratum Mustaqim


The Transcendence of the Qur’an and the Path of Siratum Mustaqim

The Qur’an was downloaded from Lawhe-i-Mahfuz, which is a transcendent object that has exponential mathematical value and therefore cannot be located. It was revealed on Laylatul Qadr, which we cannot precisely locate as it is also a transcendent object greater than thousands of months as described in the Qur’an, with an unknown equation. Finally, the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the best of creations, and we can see its sheer magnitude in staging from divinity to mundane for us.


Allah SWT, Rahmanir Raheem, the eternally kind, has notably kept us ordinary common human beings in the transcendent loop through which the Qur’an is streamlined from the divine to the face of the Earth. This is the luminous bounty we will explore that provides us with the gateway to the transcendent reality, the source of the Qur’an. While Allah SWT knows best, it seems that He has given us access to this reality through the blessed path of Siratum Mustaqim which is in Surah Fathiha. It’s utterly unique and unlike anything else.


Deep within Siratum Mustaqim lies an immense plethora of sublime time-space woven into it that does not cease at any given time. Let me explain, Siratum Mustaqim, the straight path, possesses continuity and is a path of balance, consistent in equilibrium, taking on diverse factors. This effectively enables us to keep progressing towards its substance that prevails over time.


Thus, although Siratum Mustaqim is a very familiar object for us, we find an inbuilt recursive curve to climb onto it. We are prescribed to pray to tread on this path in every unit of prayer, and if we count the obligatory prayers, we are obliged to ask for it 17 times every day, plus three more times in the important (Wajib) Watir prayer. This implies that although it is very familiar, Siratum Mustaqim has yet to be reached out to, denoting its transcendent nature.


The recursive pattern of Siratum Mustaqim, which is the straight path towards Allah SWT, involves consistent and repetitive prayers to tread on this path in every unit of prayer. From a scientific perspective, this repetition can be seen as a form of cognitive training, where consistent repetition of a task or behaviour can lead to improved neural pathways and more efficient brain function. In this case, the repetition of prayers for Siratum Mustaqim can potentially lead to a deeper and more meaningful connection with Allah SWT and a greater understanding of the transcendent reality. This insight suggests that consistent and repetitive spiritual practices can have a positive impact on cognitive and neural function.