The Poem “Queen Elizabeth’s English Speaking” Beautifully Adds to English Literature

Published: 10 May 2023

By Silvia Payne

The poem “Queen Elizabeth’s English Speaking” by Shofi Ahmed is a stunning tribute to the late Queen’s distinctive voice. The author’s use of vivid imagery and descriptive language creates a sense of nostalgia and longing for the Queen’s voice. The inclusion of birds twittering and chirping provides a stark contrast to the melancholic mood of the poem, highlighting the beauty of nature and the absence of the Queen’s voice.


One of the most notable features of the poem is its use of the word “Then” at the beginning of each stanza. This creates a sense of progression and continuity throughout the piece, conveying a sequence of events and emotions experienced by the speaker. The repetition of “Then” also builds momentum and tension, drawing the reader further into the melancholic atmosphere of the poem. Overall, this technique adds an element of structure and cohesion to the piece, contributing to its effectiveness as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s beautiful English speaking.


The imagery and personification of the birds in the poem also add to its charm and relatability. The melancholic tone serves to deepen the emotional resonance of the piece, making it a powerful tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s reign and the cultural significance of the English language.


Then she appeared

once in a stolen exhibition

by my poetry in motion

and jolly happy she was admiring

now she’s gone I just dreamed.


The stanza adds an element of nostalgia and longing to the poem, as it reflects the speaker’s memory of the dream he had of Queen Elizabeth. The use of the word “stolen” in the first line adds a sense of intrigue and mystery to the poem, while the phrase “poetry in motion” evokes a sense of beauty and grace. The final line of the stanza, “now she’s gone I just dreamed,” emphasizes the fleeting nature of the speaker’s encounter with Queen Elizabeth and reinforces the poem’s melancholic tone.


“Queen Elizabeth’s English Speaking” is a beautiful addition to English literature that captures the essence of the late Queen’s voice and the power of language to evoke powerful emotions and memories. The author’s personal experience of dreaming about Queen Elizabeth admiring his poem adds a poignant layer to the piece, making it a heartfelt tribute to a beloved figure in British history.