Erdogan Takes Turkey onto the World Stage with Impact

Published: 16 May 2023

By Shofi Ahmed

Turkish President Erdogan has emerged as a prominent leader on the world stage, commanding immense respect and admiration from his supporters. They are staunch in their loyalty, hoping for his continued rule and victory in the ongoing election run-off. When asked about their unwavering support, they passionately express a multitude of reasons that underscore their devotion.
One of the primary reasons Erdogan’s supporters rally behind him is his unwavering pride in Turkish Islamic culture, history, and heritage. They appreciate his commitment to preserving and promoting these aspects, considering them integral to Turkey’s identity and social fabric. For them, Erdogan’s emphasis on conservative values and the principles of Islam in public life is seen as a means to safeguard Turkey’s rich heritage and strengthen the bonds that tie society together.

Furthermore, Erdogan’s supporters credit him for his steadfast dedication to prioritising the interests of the Turkish people. They acknowledge the significant strides he has taken to address the needs and aspirations of the population. Through various initiatives aimed at improving social welfare, healthcare, and education, Erdogan has endeavoured to create a more equitable and prosperous society, thus earning the appreciation and support of his followers.

Stability is another key aspect that resonates deeply with Erdogan’s supporters. They recognise the challenges Turkey has faced in the past, including periods of political turbulence and economic uncertainty. In this regard, they commend Erdogan for providing a sense of stability and continuity in governance. They view him as a strong and decisive leader capable of navigating complex political landscapes and effectively managing internal and external pressures, thereby ensuring a stable environment for the country to thrive.

Economic growth under Erdogan’s leadership is also lauded by his supporters. They highlight the consistent expansion of the Turkish economy during his tenure, citing increased investments, infrastructure development, and job creation as indicators of progress. They attribute these positive economic outcomes to Erdogan’s policies, which include market-oriented reforms and strategic investments in key sectors. In their eyes, this economic prosperity translates into better opportunities and an improved quality of life for the Turkish people.

Moreover, Erdogan’s supporters firmly believe that he has successfully elevated Turkey’s international influence. They applaud his proactive foreign policy approach, characterised by diplomatic initiatives, regional collaborations, and engagement with global powers. According to his supporters, Erdogan’s assertive stance has elevated Turkey’s standing on the international stage, positioning the country as a significant player in regional and global affairs.
It is important to acknowledge that these perspectives reflect the viewpoints of Erdogan’s supporters and may not encompass the full spectrum of opinions within Turkish society. Turkey’s political landscape is diverse, with varying perspectives on Erdogan’s policies and their impact. Public opinion is subjective and can be influenced by personal experiences, political affiliations, and socioeconomic factors.