Residents pour in at the Caxton Hall Community Fun Day

Published: 24 September 2023

Rain could not prevent residents from having fun at the Caxton Hall Community Fun Day organised by Ocean Youth Connexions (OYC) and supported by Malmesbury Community Projects (MCP).

On Sunday 27th August, from 12pm to 5pm, more than 250 residents, young and old, convened at the Caxton Hall Community Centre and the Four Seasons Green to celebrate the end of summer fun and games for all the residents.

Most of the activities were provided at a very low cost to ensure all the residents could join in without any financial constraints. Activities included face-painting, arts & crafts, bouncy castles, slime making, henna, 360 photo booth and stalls. There were plenty of food and drinks, including grilled burgers, slush, candy floss, cakes, and mojitos. The main attraction was the unique horse and cart that takes a group around the estate which was very popular and worthwhile.

The youth worker and the programme lead, Hobibur Rahman was busy all day from 10am until late, ensuring everything was set up as planned and ensuring safeguarding and risk management was his utmost priority.

“We put this event on almost every year with our partner organisations to ensure the entire community can come together without any barriers.” Said Hobibur.

“My role is to keep things running smoothly and be the eyes and ears of the organisation, whilst joining in with some of the fun activities such as the arts and crafts, face-painting and 360 photo session.” Added Hobibur.

The Head of Programmes for OYC; Kamal Ahmed is also known in the community as the “Burger King”. He lived up to his street cred by frying and flipping more than 250 burgers, topped with fried onions, whilst offering them for a whooping £1 which included a drink too.

“We are not about making money but ensuring that everyone that has come here, can go away with a memorable experience and full stomach.” Laughed Kamal, whilst flipping more burgers on his contact grill.

OYC provide regular evening youth club activities at Caxton Hall and other venues in the borough. Further details can be found on their website

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