Call 111 to get assessed and directed to the right place

Published: 16 January 2024

If you need urgent medical help this winter but you’re not sure where to go, use NHS 111.

NHS 111 can assess and direct you to the most appropriate local service, including your GP practice, pharmacy or nearest urgent treatment centre. And if needed, it can arrange a call back from a nurse doctor or paramedic.

NHS 111 is an easy and convenient way to get urgent help for a wide range of health problems from the comfort of your own home.

It’s a free service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can call 111, go online or use the NHS App. If you need help in another language, call 111 and ask for an interpreter.

Vinay cut his finger while cooking at home, so he called 111 for advice.

‘It was quick and easy, and the person I spoke to at NHS 111 made sure first that it wasn’t something more serious. After answering some questions about what had happened, I was advised to go to a  local urgent treatment centre, which is close to my house. A nurse bandaged my finger and advised me on how to keep the wound clean at home.’

When Sonia tripped on her front path and sprained her knee, she used the NHS App as she wasn’t sure whether to go to hospital.

‘I’m pleased I used 111 on the NHS App because it saved me a lot of time by stopping me from going to A&E when it really wasn’t an emergency. A doctor called me back and advised me to rest my leg for a day – it was fine after that.  I think next time I might try the NHS 111 website as it seems easy to use as well.’

Whether you choose to call, go online at or use the NHS App, 111 will get you to the help you need. And no matter how you choose to use NHS 111, your information will always be kept confidential.