Keep Your Eyes Peeled This Ramadan

Published: 13 March 2024


‘Somewhere afar, beneath a sliver of blue in the sky, having just a handful of soil beneath the feet is sufficient. The day passing without a morsel of food or a drop of water, again, is sufficient.


Just a sip of water at dusk is enough. To taste the nectar of Kawthar – a downpouring from the Dhansiri, the honey river flowing in Paradise.’

It might seem artistic, emotive, and poetic, yet it truly captures the essence of Ramadan. If we delve into the core significance of this deeply meaningful month, we find ourselves deliberately withdrawn from the everyday essentials that define our routine. This intentional distancing from food, water, and intimacy with our spouses symbolises a profound journey. In other words, we are taken far away from our usual comforts and the familiar skies above, as if laid upon the scantiest patch of soil beneath our feet, living on the bare minimum.


The austerity in Ramadan imposed on us in fact signifies the exquisite spiritual refreshment and renewal that comes with the fast. This metaphorical journey through the deserts of self-denial to the rivers of divine bounty encapsulates the transformative power of Ramadan, a time when the soul is purified, and the heart is filled with the light of faith and closeness to the Almighty. Physical abstinence is not merely a test of will but a cleansing ritual that brings us closer to understanding our true essence and the omnipresence of Allah SWT in our lives. Through this holy month, we are reminded of the fleeting nature of worldly pleasures and the enduring comfort found in spiritual awakening and devotion.


During Ramadan, this withdrawal from our everyday mundane existence serves a higher purpose. But where are we being led? This is the crux of the matter. It is the nearness to Allah SWT that we seek. In Ramadan, we are drawn closer to Allah SWT, embracing the bounty and the immense blessings of this sacred month.


It raises a pertinent question: given that Allah SWT is the most untouchable and infinite, while we are mortal and finite, how then do we draw close to the infinitely majestic Lord Allah SWT? This quest for divine proximity challenges us to transcend our physical limitations and seek a spiritual connection that defies the bounds of our earthly existence. Welcome on board, we shall explore this further, In Shaa Allah.