Fly To Allah SWT With The Fast Flying Ramadan

Published: 15 March 2024


Ramadan is the blessed month that draws us nearer to Allah SWT. Laden with barakah, mercy, and forgiveness, its pace is swift, yet it does not falter under the weight of its pure goodness.


How, then, do we keep up with its pace and soar with the rapidly passing Ramadan? Where do we find the elevated path that allows us to take the lead? For as we speak, Ramadan is moving swiftly. Without a considerable effort, it would be challenging to keep pace with this divinely blessed month.

As Ramadan unfurls its swift wings, let us meet its speed with earnest dedication. Let us turn to the Divine with hearts brimming with hope and hands ready to give, so that when the month draws to a close, we may find ourselves nearer to Allah SWT than we were at its start. It is a race not of speed, but of the spirit; a race that, with Allah’s guidance, we are all equipped to triumph in.


Ramadan is indeed a time of immense blessing, drawing us closer to Allah SWT with its abundant barakah, compassion, and forgiveness. This holy month soars by, unburdened and unfaltering, despite being laden with the purest of goodness.

Ramadan is spreading its quickened wings. Then to rise to its tempo with fervent zeal and wholehearted dedication, where do we find the rope? How do we then maintain the momentum and ascend alongside the rapidly moving Ramadan? Where might we discover the elevated path that positions us in the forefront? Ramadan progresses with remarkable speed, and without earnest and consistent effort, it is easy to fall behind in reaping the rewards of this heavenly month.

So how do we find the route to embark fast upon the journey towards Allah SWT with the swiftly passing Ramadan? In Shaa Allah continues…