Fly To Allah SWT With The Fast Flying Ramadan (2)

Published: 17 March 2024

This writing, In Shaa Allah, will unfold throughout Ramadan. We’re still in discovery mode, considering science, poetry, and overt religious knowledge. We seek the path in Ramadan that draws us nearer to Allah SWT, pursuing the golden trail where the swiftly flying Ramadan butterfly finds its daily haven. It forms a complete circle. The lapis lazuli sky’s gold dust beneath the rainbow—on the ground—also finds its reflection above.

It surpasses the cutting-edge nature of the scientist’s AI because it is reliant on nothing. For instance, unlike ChatGPT, which is only as effective as its prompt, this prevailing path to be discovered, the way forward, requires no external dot to connect the dots.


It is far more ethereal than the poet’s rose, invariably accompanied by thorns. Regardless of the intellect, whether we refer to Rumi, Omar Khayyam, or Shakespeare, the thorn is inevitably sharper. Yet, in this context, everything is inverted; what is concealed is revealed to those who look closely.


By now, we have probably realised that it transcends scientists’ and poets’ textbooks. Moreover, it is not limited to scholars versed solely in the explicit knowledge of religious texts. It deciphers life’s code from the surface to the innermost dimensions.


This path transcends boundaries, a code unlocking life’s mysteries from its facade to its hidden depths. As we venture forth, we find the thorns of wisdom yield to the unfolding petals of understanding, unveiling a realm where the visible and invisible coalesce.


This journey exceeds the bounds of scientific inquiry, where AI’s frontiers are restricted by the parameters of its programming. It ascends beyond the thorns accompanying the poet’s rose, piercing through the veil of duality to expose the concealed beauty.


Not confined to the scholar’s volume nor the mystic’s incantation, this path unravels the fabric of existence, intertwining threads of science, poetry, and spirituality in a harmonious symphony. It reveals life’s code, mining wisdom from the soul’s depths, where secrets murmur in hallowed silence.