Fly To Allah SWT With The Fast Flying Ramadan (3)

Published: 18 March 2024

What we are seeking makes Ramadan special as it’s. It is a paragon of spirituality, science, and the arts. Science evolves from digital to AI. Does the rose whisper the same fragrant secrets to poets old and new, today’s and tomorrow’s? Not at all; views differ. It changes. It renews.

But the way forward, the route to the ultimate truth we are seeking to reach, needs no update. It is eternally new. Imagine anything, it changes but it doesn’t, embodying both the ethereal and the tangible.


Utterly unique, this paradoxical entity is a constant amidst change, guiding the unseen depths of consciousness and imagination. There is nothing like it under the sun, nor can the countless stars enumerate its endless virtues, embodying an ideal form of love, knowledge, or truth that remains constant and unchanging.


The true north on land and across the water, it represents a universal principle, a singular truth guiding the soul’s journey through life and beyond. Nothing is as firm as it is, yet so sweet, it cuts through deep down the channels of unseen souls, firm yet tender, visible yet unfathomable. It arouses awareness from nothingness to beyond imagination, grounding yet liberating.


Sublimely ethereal yet solid material written on stone, it touches upon the philosophical, suggesting a search for something absolute in a world that is inherently relative and transient.


While purely extraordinary, it is for ordinary people too. Its sound, tone, and meaning are catered to everyone. Onto that, we want to align.


Just a recap, firm yet tender, it slices through the unseen, arousing awareness from nothingness to realms beyond imagination, grounding yet liberating, making it not only extraordinary but also accessible to all. Its essence, sound, and meaning are tailored for everyone, aligning with what we seek in Ramadan.