Fly To Allah SWT With The Fast Flying Ramadan (8) 

Published: 23 March 2024

“Ya-Sin wal Quranil hakim”. The Quran represents the purest form of science, yet we do not need rocket science to connect with it. What we require is a pure intention to learn and practise its teachings. Allah SWT said in the Quran that the mountains would have torn apart had He revealed the Quran upon them. Indeed, nothing in the gallery of the universe can sustain its sheer magnitude on its own. However, we do not need the sky and the earth to grasp it; rather, what we need is a sincere heart that allows us to interact with it. Allah SWT has simplified what otherwise would have been impossible. Let me explain.

***In this thematic image designed for this article, the tender radiance of dawn kisses a tranquil landscape, where the Qur’an rests open, a heart aglow above it, symbolising the central role of love in connecting with the Divine Word. The presence of vibrant nature and a quietly observant parrot suggests a harmony between creation and spiritual pursuit, where the love within one’s heart is the truest guide to understanding the Quran’s timeless wisdom. ***

Allah SWT, in His infinite wisdom, has declared within the sacred pages of the Quran that had the holy text been revealed upon the mountains, they would have humbly crumbled under its weight. Such is the magnitude of its message, a revelation so powerful that the very fabric of creation would bow in its presence. Yet, the resilience of the universe is not what grants us understanding of this heavenly wisdom. It is, instead, the resilience of the human spirit, and the sincere heart that seeks to resonate with the verses and absorb their profound messages that unlocks the true potential of the Quran’s teachings.


Our interaction with the Quran transcends the physical realm; it is a communion of the soul with the divine essence, a dialogue that requires a heart purified by intention. The mercy of Allah SWT is manifest in this simplicity, making accessible what may otherwise seem an insurmountable challenge. The Quran’s teachings provide a compass for life’s journey, offering solace and direction amidst the trials and tribulations of the mortal experience.


It is a testament to the benevolence of the Creator that this unparalleled wisdom is not reserved for the scholarly or the ascetic alone, but is an invitation extended to every soul willing to embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment. The wisdom of the Quran is universal, its teachings boundless, and its reach infinite. In the act of turning its pages, one finds the echoes of ancient truths that are as relevant today as they were at the moment of their divine conception.


As Ramadan approaches, a time of deep reflection and heightened devotion, the Muslim heart finds in the Quran a renewed call to return to the essence of its faith. In this blessed month, the words of Allah SWT resonate even more profoundly, urging the faithful to draw closer, to fly on the wings of piety towards the merciful embrace of their Creator. The Quran becomes the wings upon which believers soar, drawing nearer to Allah SWT with each verse recited, with each lesson internalised, and with each act of kindness performed. This is the essence of a journey that does not require the speed of light, but rather the gentle, steadfast flight of the soul towards its everlasting home.