Fly To Allah SWT With The Fast Flying Ramadan (10)

Published: 25 March 2024

Eyes cannot peer into the eternally lofty walls of Ya-Sin that embody the transcendent portion of the Qur’an. But Allah SWT is endlessly merciful and limitlessly generous. It is sealed for good and for sound reasons. What follows next in the sequence, after the first component which is eternally sealed, is ‘Wal Qur’anil Hakim’. This grants us an abundance of ways to see through and continue to discover the infinite reality of the Qur’an. A reality that exists both within and beyond, leading us incredibly further into the ever-unexplored realm of Ya-Sin. It is a reality that neither fades nor changes with the passing of days, enduring the test of time.

Following Ya-Sin, Allah SWT takes an oath ‘Wal Qur’anil Hakim’, meaning ‘By the wise Qur’an’. Notably, scholars say that ‘Hakim’ has multiple meanings. Here, we will consider three of these meanings: wise, having authority, and being closely knit together.


The Qur’an is imbued with wisdom, encompassing scientific disciplines and the arts of literature. It is ‘Hakim’ – wise enough to pass judgement. It is well-organised and clear, possessing a numerically perfect structure that is symmetric and well-proportioned scientific. The depth of being ‘knit together’ could also suggest that it is always attached to its transcended portion, Ya-Sin. Thus, what we have before us is a vast expanse to continue learning and discovering ever more about the Qur’an.


While the mysteries of Ya-Sin may stand beyond human comprehension, ‘Wal Qur’anil Hakim’ offers a path to wisdom that is within our grasp. It beckons us to delve into its depths, to explore its injunctions and narratives, which remain as relevant and guiding today as when they were first revealed. In its verses, we find a constancy that anchors us, a depth of knowledge that is never depleted no matter how much we learn. The Qur’an’s wisdom is a wellspring for the thirsty soul, quenching an innate yearning for truth, and guiding us towards a clarity that only divine wisdom can bestow.