Boycott Sunak’s Eid Party: Denounce His Politically Charged Eid Message to the Muslim Community

Published: 14 April 2024

We should reject Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Eid party tomorrow Monday 15 April 2024. Sunak persistently supports Israel and continues to supply arms to the nation. His Eid message from 10 Downing Street was marred by political overtones. Even authoritarian leaders refrain from politicising Eid messages, yet Sunak chose to do so. In his address, he emphasised efforts to secure the release of hostages. Why was this necessary in an Eid message?

Rather than affirming his commitment to pursuing a ceasefire, ending atrocities, halting arms sales to Israel, and working towards the release of hostages, he focused solely on the latter due to his one-sided stance. It’s widely acknowledged that Sunak staunchly supports Israel, but why reaffirm this in his Eid message? This isn’t a mark of respect; it’s a disrespect to Muslims.


It’s crucial that we voice our opposition to Rishi Sunak’s Eid party planned for tomorrow. His unwavering support for Israel and continuous arms sales to the country have drawn significant criticism. Moreso, his Eid message from 10 Downing Street that has particularly crossed a line by introducing political elements into what should be a unifying and peaceful message. While leaders worldwide, even those from non-democratic regimes, typically avoid politicising Eid messages, Sunak has chosen to do otherwise.


In his message, he focused solely on the issue of hostage release, bypassing any discussion of broader and equally critical issues such as working towards a ceasefire, ending the violence, and stopping arms sales. This narrow focus reveals a biassed agenda that overlooks the broader humanitarian concerns many hold dear.


By reintroducing contentious political stances into a message meant to celebrate peace and solidarity, Sunak has not only missed an opportunity to unite but has instead shown a marked disrespect to the Muslim community. This is not about honour; it’s about blatant disregard for the spirit of Eid.


Let us stand together in rejecting this approach and boycotting Sunak’s Eid party. We need to demand respect and consideration for all communities and insist on leadership that promotes peace and unity, particularly during such significant cultural and religious moments. Spread the word and let your communities know why this Eid, we take a stand.