BPKP tasks Sylhet MPs to do more for the NRBs.

Published: 4 May 2024

On Thursday, 2nd May 2024, at the Impression Events Venue, Stratford, London E15, a special discussion meeting was held by Bangladesh Probashi Kallyan Parishad (BPKP) with Patron and Chief Guest, Dr A K Momen, MP and Special Guest, Habibur Rahman Habib, MP. Dr Momen was the MP of Sylhet-1 and Habibur Rahman was the MP of Sylhet-3. Furthermore, Dr Momen was the former Foreign Minister of Bangladesh and the current Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Bangladesh. Habibur Rahman is also a Member of the Standing Committee.

Also present were many heads and leads of various community organisations for the welfare and development of British Bangladeshis in the UK and Bangladesh. Also, present were representatives from the Bangladesh High Commission, London.

The meeting was about forging closer cooperation between the Sylhet MPs and BPKP to alleviate the concerns of the Non-resident Bangladeshis about the misappropriation of their land and properties in Sylhet and across Bangladesh and insist a better legal and municipal protection of their assets.

The opening recitation from the Holy Quran was read by Moulana Abdul Quddus, and the evening was co-chaired by General Secretary, Syed Ahbab Hussain and Joint Secretary, Zain Miah.  The opening welcoming address was given by Chair Jahangir Khan.

Supporting words of wisdom were provided by senior advisors of BPKP; Sami Sanaullah, Aziz Chowdhury, and Muhibur Rahman Muhib.

Short speeches were also provided by various organisation leads and executive members followed by a flowers and crest presentation to the Habibur Rahman MP and Dr AK Momen MP by various members of BPKP, including Oli Uddin Shamim and Manwar Clark of the Italian branch of BPKP.

Keynote speeches were given by the special guest, Habibur Rahman, MP and chief guest Dr A K Momen, MP.  It was acknowledged that there have been many improvements already and more to follow in the next couple of years, including a designated NRB lounge for the expats to enjoy whilst entering Bangladesh, resolving the land ongoing land issues and Biman Airline price hikes.

The evening ended with various photo sessions and a dinner provided by Silver Service.

BPKP is a campaign organisation working for the betterment of the non-residential Bangladeshis in the UK and Europe. BPKP is working with the Bangladesh High Commission MPs and the Mayor of Sylhet in resolving the airport harassment issues, the National ID Card and the “Save Our Property” campaign amongst other things.  More information can be found on the website www.bpkp.org. Should you wish to get involved and become a member please contact Membership Secretary, Numan Malik at info@bpkp.org.

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