The Biswanath Probashi Education Trust elects a new energised management committee.

Published: 7 May 2024

Sunday 5th May, from noon till midnight, saw the culmination of at least four months of election campaigns and rallies by the two groups or panels vying for key positions in the Biswanath Probashi Education Trust UK (BPET) management committee which will run for two years, to govern the affairs of BPET in the Biswanath Thana, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

This election brought together hundreds of Biswanathis from across the UK at the Impression Events Venue, West Ham to vote or rally for their chosen candidates from the two panels. Biswanathis; members, candidates and their supporters came from as far afield as Surrey, Newport, Oldham, and Rochdale.

The voters were swayed by either the Mafiz-Guljar-Monir (MGM) panel or the Tahir-Azom-Akhlaq (TAA) panel. The election theme for the MGM panel was “We bring change with new leadership”. The theme for the TAA panel was “With us, you ensure experience and stability”.

There were seventeen (17) executive seats up for grabs, making up the management committee of BPET with the following designations: Chairperson, General Secretary, Treasurer, 2 x Vice Chairperson, 2 x Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, Press and Publicity Secretary, Cultural Secretary, and 7 x Executive Members.

The BPET going back almost 30 years is one of the oldest organisations for Biswanathis in the UK, with the current board of management including the Chairperson, Mohammed Motosir Khan, General Secretary Misbah Uddin, Treasurer Azom Khan and 281 trustees. However, things ramped up since the announcement of the first AGM and elections after almost 7 years, and both panels have worked tirelessly, showcasing their manifestos, and rallying existing and potential trustees up and down the country to vote for them. Subsequently, their efforts have paid dividends, adding a whooping 272 new trustees, totalling 557 trustees, and each paying the sum of £1000 membership fees. This is an unprecedented achievement indeed. BPET almost doubled their membership within 4 months of what they had in their 30 years.

It is worth noting that the aims and objectives of BPET are to encourage and assist educational development within the area of Bishwanath Thana. This is achieved by delivering literacy and cultural activities and facilitating training programs for young people through the provision of scholarships, bursaries, and other types of need-based financial support.

For this election, trustees can either vote online or in person at Impression Events venue. On 5th May, at noon, hundreds of people converged at the venue for voting as well as for camaraderie and socialising with their friends and families as well as fellow trustees they haven’t met for many years. The atmosphere was ecstatic, and the processes were professionally conducted. Even sumptuous lunches and dinners were provided for all present.

The voting finished just after 5.00pm and it was a long waiting game after that. The venue was still packed with people, all waiting anxiously for the results. The verification and counting area was set up upstairs under a controlled environment with election commissioners, tellers, and observers as well as huge security personnel provided by J4 Security.

People continued to wait around; some went out for comfort breaks whilst others were going on stage for group photos with candidates and trustees, courtesy of Salam Jones Photography.

Finally, as we approach midnight, the current Secretary, Misbah Uddin announced that the Commissioners were ready to announce the election results. Everyone rushed to the front of the stage, taking up the entire venue. The results of the duly elected trustees were as follows:

  • Mafiz Khan – 284 votes – elected as Chairman
  • Misbah Uddin – 304 votes – elected as Vice Chair
  • Guljar Khan – 309 votes – elected as General Secretary
  • Abdur Rahim Ronju – 309 votes – elected as Assistant Secretary
  • Akhlaqur Rahman – 274 votes – elected as Treasurer
  • Farid Ahmed – 261 votes – elected as Vice Chair
  • Md Kobir Miah – 244 votes – elected as Assistant Secretary
  • Md Hasin Uzzaman – 324 votes – elected as Assistant Treasurer
  • Shariful Islam – 285 votes – elected as Press Secretary
  • Mohammed Dauloth Hossain – 266 votes – elected as Cultural Secretary
  • Nasar Ali – 284 votes – elected as EC Member
  • Sheikh Moboshir Ali – 265 votes – elected as EC Member
  • Khaled Khan – 298 votes – elected as EC Member
  • Abul Hussain Mamun – 302 votes – elected as EC Member
  • Mohammed Sirajul Islam – 272 votes – elected as EC Member
  • Goyas Miah (Giyash) – 258 votes – elected as EC Member
  • Mohammed Abdus Salam – 268 votes – elected as EC Member

Emotions were high, and Guljar Khan received the biggest cheer from the audience when his name was called out. It was a personal achievement for him as he rallied for younger participants. He thanked all his elders, supporters and well-wishers and said: “This is your victory and I promise you; we will deliver on our mandate within 2 years!” He received another applause from the crowd who were still in their hundreds.

Best wishes to all the newly elected Board of Management of BPET. The challenge ahead is to resolve some of their historical issues, utilise the funds to deliver impactful projects and entice younger members for their succession planning.

Youngsters often have the skillsets to think outside the box, however, won’t take the next steps to join community-led organisations. They would not wilfully come forward when they often see long speeches after speeches, poor time management and unprofessional conduct. They want to see impactful philanthropical investments that are making real changes on the ground.

I must say, I was impressed by the professionalism, the conduct and the delivery of this election by BPET. They’ve galvanised a new generation of trustees with energy and vigour. How successful they become, only time will tell. Should you wish to know more about BPET or join as a trustee, please follow them on their website: Biswanath Probashi Education Trust ( 

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