Beautiful Ladies Community & Charity Events Achieve Remarkable Success

Published: 10 June 2024

Over the past few weeks, the Beautiful Ladies group has actively participated in various charity events across the UK, raising significant funds for numerous charitable organisations.

The group had the honour of participating in the Ladies London 10-bridge charity walk and the Ladies Snowdonia Waterfall trek, organised by the Human Relief Foundation (HRF). These events were part of HRF’s Walk4Hope initiative, which invited the Beautiful Ladies group to join. Eight members of the group attended and contributed to raising vital funds for the initiative. With the combined efforts of the Beautiful Ladies group and other participants, HRF successfully raised over £15,000.

The charity walks and treks were excellently organised, with HRF providing continuous support throughout the events, including snacks, drinks, and mental encouragement. The Beautiful Ladies extend their heartfelt thanks to the HRF team for their dedication. May Allah accept their efforts and hard work.

Contrary to some misconceptions, the Beautiful Ladies group focuses primarily on community and charitable endeavours, always carried out with a smile. Sheila Ahmed and Misba strive to devise creative and joyful methods to support their community and charitable causes. They have planned a ‘Spring Blossom Photoshoot and Picnic’ for Bangladeshi women, aimed at enhancing their mental well-being.

During Ramadan 2024, the Beautiful Ladies group organised multiple free food and clothing banks across Tower Hamlets, Newham, and Redbridge. These initiatives provided essential food for Iftaar, as well as clothes and toys for Eid, to the less fortunate in the community. They also extended their generosity to non-Muslim neighbours by distributing food and clothes at an Easter charity bank. Impressively, 80% of the toys and clothes distributed were brand new and from top designer brands such as Nike, Zara, Monsoon, and TWF. It was heartening to see many community members experience joy during their respective religious occasions.

Recently, the group hosted a traditional bhorta party on the rooftop of LB24, marking the first time such an event has been held on a rooftop. Commenting on the event, Beautiful Ladies founder Misba Ahmed said, “The Bhorta Party was a wonderful occasion, allowing us to taste the different cuisines from all across the different parts of Bangladesh.” Attached are some pictures from the event.

The Beautiful Ladies group remains committed to continuing and expanding their charitable activities in the future, Insha’Allah.