Bangladesh Probashi Kallyan Parishad (BPKP) sets up a new task force to get National ID Cards for Expats!

Published: 4 July 2022, 11:01 AM

On Wednesday 29th June, at the Royal Regency events venue, Ilford the Executive Committee met to discuss few key agendas. Ashikur Rahman (Chairman) and Mayen Uddin Ansar (General Secretary) of BPKP led to discuss 3 key priorities for the organisation and its members. These were:

  1. “Save our Properties” campaign;
  2. National ID Card for all expats/NRBs;
  3. AGM and new election date.

BPKP is a campaign organisation, set up for the welfare and a collective voice of all the Non-residential Bangladeshis (NRBs) in UK and Europe. Their patron is the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh; Dr A K Abdul Momen and have a good working relationship with the Bangladesh High Commission, London.

In the early years, their main focus was to have a National NRB Day recognised for all the NRBs that contribute immensely to the wealth and development of Bangladesh. This annual recognition and celebration day is yet to be formalised around end of December or January each year.

However, the members had other concerns more pertinent; they wanted to ensure all their assets and properties were safeguarded in Bangladesh. They’ve heard horror stories of many properties and land being illegally occupied by people often known to them.

Going forward, it was recognised that without having a National ID (NID) Card in Bangladesh, you are not recognised for any legal transactions and land sales. Hence, a task force team of seven (7) executive members were selected to fully focus on working with the Bangladesh High Commission, and obtaining all the details of making the NID cards for all the NRBs that wish to have one. This gives you the right to vote, and buy or sell land and properties.

The BPKP executive committee meeting also had representatives from Europe in attendance. They are working to work to set up representative offices in Italy and France.

Executive members in attendance were:

1.Ashikur Rahman (Chairman)

2.Mayen Uddin Ansar (General Secretary)

3.Abdul Halim (Treasurer)

4.Sami Sanaullah (Advisor)

5.Shahagir Bakth (Advisor)

6.Muhibur Rahman Muhib (Advisor)

7.Zakir Hossain

8.Numan Malik

9.Mowlana Anisur Rahman

10.Sohel Ahmed

11.Sumona Sumi

12.Kazi Arif

13.Pritom Ghosh

14.Md Nizam Uddin (Zulu)

15.Pervez Qureshi

16.Dilwar Hussain

17.Shahed Ahmed

18.Azad Hossain


20.Azizur Rahman

21.Shah Munim

22.Nazir Ali

23.Foysal Alam

  1. Abu Sayid

25.Maniqe Rahman

26.Mohammed Hussain

27.Nuruz zaman shalim

28.Jahangir khan

29.Ekbal Ahmed

30.Shawkuth Mahmud Tipu

31.Md Nizam Uddin

31.Mushtak Ahmed (Babul)

Finally, an AGM and election was set for January 2023, which membership and nomination criteria set out to the executive committee to be relayed to all the members nearer to the time.

The task force team members were:

  1. Shah Munim
  2. Dilwar Hussain
  3. Kazi Arif
  4. Zakir Hossain
  5. Abdul Bari
  6. Mushtak Ahmed (Babul)
  7. Parvez Qureshi