EID IN THE PARK comes to Mayesbrook Park!

Published: 6 July 2022, 11:01 PM





Billed as the first “collaborative event” jointly organised by these three organisations in Upney, Barking; on Saturday 9th July, Eid in the Park is happening for the first time in the Mayesbrook Park, Upney, Barking.

The Barking and Dagenham Council gave the go ahead for this event to happen and the organisers came together to form a steering committee to deliver this event for the community.

This year the Barking Community Forum (BCF), Barking and Dagenham Muslim Association (BDMA) and the Longbridge Bangladeshi Community Association (LBCA) have come together to organise and deliver “One Eid Salah” in Mayesbrook Park for the community.

This is a family event, open to everyone and the organisers are hopeful that this could go on to becoming an annual event for the area.

The event will open at 9.00am and the congregational prayer at 9.30am, will be led by Imam Sheikh Zillani Miah.

The organisers are reminding everyone to bring their own prayer mats, and water as it is expected to be a very hot Saturday morning.

The organisers are hopeful of a very successful event and are looking forward to seeing you all at the event. EID MUBARAK!

Eid ul Adha or ‘Celebration of Sacrifice‘ is also known as the Greater Eid. It follows the completion of the annual Hajj pilgrimage, at the time of Qurbani (sacrifice).

The day of Eid ul Adha falls on the 10th day Dhu-al-Hijjah. The celebration is to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s devotion to Allah SWT and his readiness to sacrifice his son, Ismail. At the very point of sacrifice, Allah SWT replaced Ismail with a ram, which was to be slaughtered in place of his son. This command from Allah SWT was a test of obedience of Prophet Ibrahim and his willingness and commtment to obey his Lord’s command, with question. Therefore, Eid ul Adha means the festival of sacrifice.