Inaugural Eid in Mayesbrook Park was a huge success!

Published: 10 July 2022, 11:54 PM

On Saturday 9th July, millions of Muslim across the globe came together for Eid ul Adha prayers to mark the end of Hajj.

Likewise, the Muslim community of Barking and Dagenham and the surrounding areas came together to pray for the first time in the Mayesbrook Park, Barking.

More than 4000 men, women and children came to pray together in one congregational Eid prayer. This year’s event was organised by three (3) local groups; The Barking and Dagenham Muslim Association (BDMA), the Barking Community Forum (BCF),  and the Longbridge Bangladeshi Community Association (LBCA). People poured in from all directions including the Lodge Avenue entrance and the Clare Garden entrance and the Westrow Drive entrance.

They came together after obtaining permission to use the park space just a few days before from Barking and Dagenham Council.

The volunteers and management teams of all the three organisation worked around the clock to make this event a success and a benchmark for future Eid and community events in Barking and Dagenham. More than 60 volunteers were visible on the day since 6am.

The event was chaired by Shabbir Kawsar of BDMA and the chair of each organisation were given a few minutes to introduce their own organisation and say a bit about their work in the area. Every stressed the ‘unity’ and ‘sacrifice’ aspect of this gathering. This included Muhammad Abdus Shahid, Chair of BDMA. Shakur Mollik Wadud, Secretary of LBCA and Harun Miah, Chair of BCF.


The imam was Sheikh Zillani Miah and his sermon was all about showing gratitude to the Creator and then to all the people that have come together to make this make this a success. He then talked about sincerity and sacrifice.

There were regular patrols by the local police who have been doing their rounds to all the outdoor prayers in and around Barking and Dagenham and found all of them a pleasant experience of community spirit.

There were first aiders, first aid box and water supply and a doctor also in attendance to ensure all were safe and all eventualities covered. Also in attendance were two ward councillors Rocky Gill and Faruk Choudhury to meet and greet people after the prayers.

All those attended thought this was an amazing success. More than 30% of the attendees were women they felt it was organised and executed well. However, in the future they want to see stalls and activities for children.

The event ended with a bucket collection to cover the costs, and a supplication for all those impacted by calamities across world. The volunteers dismantled everything within an hour and cleared any litter before vacating the park.

The management of the three organisations wishes to thank all those who have attended and made this a huge success and a memorable one and hoping to work together on other projects in the area.

Organisers; BDMA, BCF and LBCA.