Kamalpur and Uttor Khalijuri share visions for a model village

Published: 2 August 2022, 8:41 PM

On Monday 1st August, the Executive Committee (EC) of Kamalpur and Uttor Khalijuri (KPUK) along with their fellow villagers met at Cafe Grill, Brick Lane for their Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

The vision of this organisation is to bring about change and prosperity without having formal appointments but through a no-annually selected decision-making EC committee for assessing and managing the affairs of the organisation. 

The meeting procession was hosted by Jakir Hussain  with the opening Qur’an recitation by Abdus Shohid and then Ali Akbor OBE was appointed as the designated chairperson for the event. 

The EC members Saad Uddin, Jamal Uddin, and Nizam Uddin reported on all the activities and support funded by KPUK for the past year as well as the annual accounts. Projects supported included home-build, medical, eye camp, wedding, waz conference, livelihood, Ramadan & Eid food gifts and emergency relief. 

The murabbis; Talib Uddin, Mamun Rashid, Nurul Islam, Mozomil Ali, Dobir Miah posed questions and answer sessions to the EC committee, as well as provided new suggestions. 

The aims and objectives of KPUK are:

“Uniting together for the most needy in society” and our vision is “One Village, One Community” with the following areas of focus:

  • – investing in young people 
  • – Supporting medical and health projects 
  • – Providing seasonal and emergency relief 
  • – Caring for the elderly 
  • – Developing infrastructure 

Future Plans:

  • – grand expat reunion in KPUK – February 2023
  • – village street lighting scheme 
  • – Talented student scholarship 
  • – Creating income generation & business opportunities 

The meeting ended with a closing speech by the Chairperson; Ali Akbor OBE. It was his first ever engagement with the organisation and was truly impressed by their work and dedication so far. 

“I can see you all have great passion and dedication to contribute to our village and reconnect expats for these great causes” he summarised. “Going forward, we now should working on a 5-10 year business plan to stay focus on your mission and vision to become a model village in the area.” He added. 

The meeting was closed with a short dua and a sumptuous dinner and photo session. 

The EC committee are selected bi-annually by the village murabbis. The following 21 members service on the current EC committee:

  • Saad Uddin
  • Jamal Uddin
  • Nazir Ali
  • Nizam Uddin
  • Abdus Shohid
  • Jahangir Ali (Shujon)
  • Tahir Uddin
  • Mohib Uddin
  • Shamoth Ali
  • Faruk Uddin
  • Arob Ali
  • Jakir Hussain
  • Kholil Uddin
  • Masum Rashid
  • Masum Ahmed
  • Shebul Miah
  • Sufi Uddin
  • Moksud Ali
  • Nazmul Islam
  • Nazrul Islam
  • Rubel Rashid