Faith Inspire pioneers the Young Muslim Awards

Published: 16 April 2023

The inaugural award ceremony took place on Friday 17th March 2023, at the Bethnal Green Library, Tower Hamlets, London.

With over 100 guests in attendance, the evening recognised, celebrated and inspired everyone with Faith Inspire’s vision; to see an exemplary Muslim community in Britain that contributes to a society where all people flourish.

Furthermore, the Young Muslim Awards (YMA) aims to celebrate the lives and the successes of young Muslims from across the UK, especially, in the current climate of negative perceptions of Muslims and the rise of Islamophobia. Their focus is on young Muslims under the age of 25, highlighting their tremendous achievements and successes and to further empowering them to contribute more to the wider community. Furthermore, the entire programme was organised and delivered by young people under the age of 19 who attended the STRIVE programme.

The names of the categories were inspired by the golden generation of Islam, who have provided so much inspiration and guidance. The venue was packed out with the nominees, their parents and siblings.

A whopping 189 nominations were received, highlighting the amazing contribution young Muslims are making from all walks of life.

The judges were Imam Abdul-Malik Sheikh, Dr Riza Mohammed, Dr Kibria Abdul-Mukith, Maisan Maseeh, Aisha Haque and Akrom Miah.

There were none (9) categories and the judges had to make the difficult decision and have selected the finalist from each of the categories.

The finalist and winners of Young Muslim Awards 2023:

Excellence in Faith awards, inspired by Umar ibn Al Khattab (RA)

Hafidh/Hafidha of the Year

(Sponsored by Ramadan Radio)

Qari Mohammed Younus Rahman – WINNER

Tasneen Firdaws

Yahya Ali

Young Alima of the Year

(Sponsored by Zakat Aid)

Zuhaira Islam – WINNER

Sumayya Tasnim

Nushat Karim

Accomplishment in sports and recreation awards, inspired by Ali Ibn Talib (RA)

Sports Leader of the Year

(Sponsored by Muslim Aid)

Ihsan Ahmed – WINNER

Ubayd Noor

Ihsan Ali

Sports Personality of the Year

(Sponsored by 13 Rivers Trust)

Ismail Islam – WINNER

Ihsan Ahmed

Khalid Ali

Celebrating entrepreneurship awards, inspired by Uthman Ibn Affan (RA)

Entrepreneur of the Year

(Sponsored by Blackstone)

Muhammad Ali Islam – WINNER

Anisul Hasan Islam

Talha Syed

Service to Society awards, inspired by Abu Bakr As Siddiq (RA)

Youth Worker of the Year

(Sponsored by Muslim Aid)

Tahmid Ahmed – WINNER

Soulymane Abdulmolla

Dr Habibullah Muhammad Kama

Changemaker of the Year

(Sponsored by Muslim Aid)

Sumayyah Ali – WINNER

Maryam Jazeem

Hamza Chowdhury

Academic achievement awards, inspired by Mother Aisha (RA)

Student of the Year

(Sponsored by Ibn Jabal Institute)

Aasivah Tucker – WINNER

Amira Omar

Benjamin Jaderi

Apprentice of the Year

(Sponsored by Sisters Forum)

Muaadh Tanveer – WINNER

Taif Uddin

Tafhim Uddin

The chairman of Faith Inspire, Junaid Ahmed provided the opening words of inspiration.

“The launch of the Young Muslim Awards was a milestone moment for Faith Inspire, Alhamdulillah. It is a flagship event that is intrinsically aligned with our mission to develop volunteers and leaders.

“It’s an initiative that recognises, celebrates and inspires change makers that will contribute to a society where all people flourish, InshaAllah.

“Jazakumullahu Khairan to the young leaders for their courage and dedication in delivering this event. May Allah reward them and us abundantly.” Said, Junaid.

Also, one of the event coordinators and instrumental to its success was Jawairiya Aftab.

“It has been an incredible journey with many highs and many lows, but it was all worth it. Watching our young people develop into the incredible leaders they are, MashaAllah.” Added Jawairiya.

Young Muslims, their parents, and guests enjoyed light refreshments, human bingo and an opportunity to network with others from all walks of life.

Faith Inspire is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation that engages in community outreach, promotes spiritual growth, and actively contributes to society. Its vision is to create an exemplary Muslim community in Britain that contributes to a society where all people flourish. More information about the work of Faith Inspire can be found on their website and on social media @faithinspire.